Friday, August 18, 2006

Yeah Just One More Things

Just a quick ramble this time. I used to pride myself with my complexion. Used to is the operative word.
I have some major pimple action happening!! I am not a happy camper!!
Do you know what my charming loving husband said to me today after I was crying over the zits that were sprouted over my you wanna know?..."maybe you should wash your face more often!"(said in a dumb Homer Simpson like voice!)
Well for a comment like that he's not getting no satisfaction if you no what I mean!!!
Like I don't wash my face enough!!!
Anyhow I just had to have a quick rant.
So I have adult acne I'm sure...a degenerative might as well just call it a day for me.
And for those that comment that beauty is within...I don't want to hear it.
Oh yeah have you seen the commercial for the TV show Ugly Betty?
Yeah well Ugly Betty is wearing braces and glasses. Hmm...that's me at this moment...Ugly Jenny with big old zits sprouted out!!
Oy!! At least I landed a babe when I was looking fine!
Just had to gripe.
I hate pimples...


mom of 2 said...

I hate pimples, too!!!! My 5 year old son told me a while back that I should get some Proactiv...I know he was just being sweet and trying to help, but even he noticed I have pimples!!!

Pen said...

oh man, with PCO you can end up being a total mess with adult acne and it's not always contained to just the face! I feel for you and Hal has said similar things only to never repeat it again, lol.

xo Pen

Nin said...

lol, the things hubby's say. And I know what you mean about not wanting to hear any of that beauty on the inside stuff too. In highschool, I never had to take care of my skin at all, it was always perfectly clear, no matter what I did to it (or didn't do). Maybe the wrong I did caught up with me eventually, I don't know, but one day I woke up to acne that would not magically wash away. Now it seems I have to fight consistantly to keep it clear, and if I go one night without washing, I can tell the next day. I did find a medication that was working well before I got pregnant, but then I had to stop using it once I got pregnant. Now I'm using one of those liquid bingo dabber looking things. I bet I'll be using some sort of meds forever. Poo wee....
I feel for you. There's nothing worse than looking in the mirror and not being happy with what you see. Remember that God made you amazing. And that it's ok to care about your physical appearance. I used to fear that if I cared what I looked like, then I was being vain. But God created woman to care about those things, to want to look nice. And if you need to cry over a breakout, cry away.

Jenny said...

I think the thing that is frustrating is I'm too old for zits!! I take care of my skin...but in the big frame of things it's not too important. I still have those moments where it just stresses me out to see the zit action happening!!(like last night!!)
Thanks guys for letting me wallow in my self absorption!!!
Anyone know the number to Proactin?

Tanya said...

Zits...I don't think they ever end, atleast I don't think they will in my life time.

Zits or no're mamalicious and I think you look great no matter what!

Chunks said...

It's called perimenopause, and that is how it starts. It's like reverse puberty, and I am not joking!

I have a bottle of Clearasil in one hand and Oil of Olay in the other. My skin can't decide what it is doing.

Try taking zinc and Omega 3-6-9. When I remember, it seems to really help the breakouts. It's totally hormone related though. That's what I am clinging to anyway.

Jenny said...

I actually put Abreva( a cold sore medicine) on them last night and woke up and they have shrunk!!! Yay!!!!

starla said...

i had the worst skin with this last pregnancy! Noah sent me some nasty zit hormones while he was in my belly!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

pimples suck! It irks me to not end that I still get them at 35! stupid zits.

Joy said...

Yeah, what's with the zits at 37 years old? I think I have it worse now then I did then... :(

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