Saturday, August 05, 2006

Shirtless Motorcrossers Spell Trouble...

We had a great day today. I left the motorcross event wanting to jump on a motorbike and start doing jumps. Yeah, imagine that!!! Of course Scott shrunk when me and Gavin were screaming our heads off! Gavin was so psyched with the event. I haven't seen him that excited. I do hope that he never does those kinds of activities though!!! Josey left the event and said, "dudes that was huge air!" To which Scott and I just start laughing!!!
At the end of the day(had a great visit with Pen and her crew that involved boys beating the crap outta each other with blow up hammers and swords!) we were driving past the mall (I was driving) and I said to Scott, "look at all the groupies staring at the bikers cuz they have their shirts off!" (They were loading up their motorbikes and getting ready to head out). Well as soon as I said that I almost sideswiped a vehicle (yikes!!!...I don't think it was all my fault though!)and Scott said, "I don't think it's only the groupies staring at those guys with no shirts!!!" It was kind of funny...and yes I should have been paying more attention to my driving, but...
Anyhow I was just posting and all of a sudden I heard gunfire and screamed up to Scott "someone's shooting out there!" and I was ducking, ready to hit the ground when he yelled back..."fireworks babe!" I seriously thought there was some gang warfare going on!! So we went out for a couple of minutes to watch the fireworks and then came back inside. We thought it was tomorrow night!! Oh well, to be honest I don't really care one way or another about fireworks.
Anyways. That was our day in a nutshell. We bumped into lots of people, had some great food, and saw some good entertainment.
I hope you all are enjoying your long weekend!
Tomorrow I have the morning all to myself. I think I may go to the flea market!!
Enjoy your evening!!


ShariJoy said...

I wanna go to the flea market!!! is it on all week?? this working thing is cutting in on all the fun stuff!!! Sounds like you guys had fun wish I could've made it.

Pen said...

oh man, how was the flea market??
I have to say that you guys make such a beautiful family!

Kali was a perfect little angel, Damon and Colton were being Damon and Colton for sure with their roughhousing until they hurt one another. They decided they would rather go to the Wholesale Club then WalMart. What a couple of funny kids, they bought themselves some Axe type cologne too. One would think a 10 and 12 year old would go for toys???

You're boys are so awesome and well behaved too. It was nice seeing you all yesterday!

Chunks said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. Pray your boys don't get into the motocrossing, my nephews did it for years. Makes for alot of heart attacks and nervous aunties!

Jenny said...

Chunks, my husband would never let my boys go into it. He's very anti-motorcycles. His dad's cousin was killed on one and then Scott's cousin had a terrible accident 2 years ago on one and just about died. Was in a coma for a long time and had to relearn everything. So needless to say...I highly doubt it will happen!!!
Mamaliscious might try though!!! (just joking...wouldn't that be a sight for sore eyes!!!)
One of the ladies at the event yesterday said to me, "oh I'm glad that's not my son doing that!!" How true!

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