Friday, August 04, 2006

Ask Laura

In our dining room is a cool little cubby space that my husband has decided to use for a bike closet. I suppose it is a good use of space. I don't like the fact that he has to bring the bikes in from outside thru the dining room. Truly it's not a huge dilemma, but I have been thinking if shelves would be a good idea to install in this storage area. Or Scott and I are going to be making some home made wine in the next couple of weeks, could I turn this area into a wine cellar sort of speak?!(stick some wine racks on one side of the wall?) I'd rather the bikes be in the basement, but he claimed this area for them...anyhow just would like some suggestions. (I know there's not tons I could do, cuz the space is so limited!)


Chunks said...

I vote for shelves and a wine rack too. I think that would be a great use of the space!

org junkie said...

Okay first of all that space is FANTASTIC....the possibilities are endless which is what makes it so fantastic. I look at a space and ask myself...what could I do with this space that will make my life easier. For instance could you use it for your wine making centre? Keep everything to do with the wine making process in there and out of sight of the kids so they don't get into it? Or would having to bring the bikes up from the basement deter you from riding? In which case you might be better off leaving the bikes there...its all about making life easier for you and your family. Ask yourself how you can use the space to save you time or save you a frustration somehow? Just some things to ponder. I can't wait to hear what you decide to do. Hope that helps. Laura

Stacey said...

I love the space as well!!! I would DIE to have a cute little cubby like this one!!!

At this point in my life, I would use that space for my strollers because keeping them in the hall closet makes it too cluttered. So I am with OJunkie who posed the question about proximity=use. It is a convenient, yet completely hidden place for the eyesore that is athletic paraphenalia of any kind (unless of course you are going for that: we-live-in-a-bike store look. :)

Good luck!!

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