Friday, August 04, 2006

3 Days in Review

Fine Young Gentlemen!! Took the boys for a haircut today. Gavin wanted his hair spiked (you can't tell in the pic, it fell down) so he got a spikey do!

Yesterday we ventured to Pine Lake for a frog hunt. We got a few baby frogs and one average sized frog, but the boys were disappointed. We can't frog hunt like "Grandma Donna". They had a humongous Grandpa Toad the last time they were there!! (last week)

Much to Gavin's dismay it was a catch and release sort of day for the frogs.

My beautiful boys taking a break on the bridge. We walked around the lake and picked some delicious blueberries. We only had one bucket though. When we go back next week we're bringing some big freezer bags for the blueberries.

The day before we decided to take the boys to the park and then to the corner store for a freezie. Gavin has no fear on the monkey bars!

"Look Ma...the splits!" Gavin showing us how flexible he is. I tried to show the boys I could do the splits, but pulled a groin muscle and Scott tried to show them how he could do a roundoff and his wrist gave out on him!!! (Told you we're getting old!!)

Showing off on his son's bike!

Shay enjoying the swings.

Josey loves this action photo of himself. "Cool dudes!"

Here's some pics of the last 3 days with our family. Today we took the boys for a hair cut and then we decided to go and have some "chillaxin" time at the Artful Cup. Well when you have 3 boys who love to talk and perform it's not exactly a chillaxin kind of time. We left the coffee shop and Scott leaned over to me and said, "next week just you and I hey!" That's the thing I miss most these days. When my parents were living here we could just drop the boys off and spend a couple of hours at a coffee shop or go out for dinner. We haven't had much "outside date nights" these days. I need to get a babysitter!!
Anyways we have a busy weekend planned. The boys are pumped for tomorrow. I'm hoping to see Penny and Miss K, and Pen's nephews at some point during the day. I sure hope the weather cooperates.
Anyhow hope you have a great long weekend!!


Tanya said...

Nice hair cuts boys!

Looks like you had a great time. I can relate to not having those alone times out with your hubby...its hard.

Seamus is getting so tall! Hope you have a great weekend!

ShariJoy said...

hey there sweet pea.......great are sooooo tanned. wish I had tomorrow off to come hang with you guys have fun and take lots of pics give my girl so auntie Jen lovin.. next week will be fun for the four of us

Jenny said...

Well as the saying goes, "brown fat is better than white fat!"
Have fun at work!!! Can't wait to see Kali!

Chunks said...

Great pics Jenny! You have a beautiful family! Those boys are adorable!

Pen said...

oh my gosh what awesome pics!!! Laura's boys are pumped as well to go to the motocross so fingers crossed the rain holds off! Ms. K gets to hang with lotsa boys tomorrow, lucky girl. Shari, wish you could join us too but we've all got a date on Tuesday..yay!

Love the hair cuts and girl you are hotcha!

talk to you tomorrow

Jenny said...

Tanya, hope you have a great weekend yourself (just realized you commented!). I can't believe how tall Shay is getting, pretty soon we'll be looking up at him!!
Did you guys go to the parade??

Janelle said...

toooooo cute!!
your boys are so stinkin' cute!

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