Friday, August 04, 2006

Oldies but Goodies

I think I'm getting old ...

1. Someone says hello Mrs. D and I look over my shoulder expecting to see my grandmother.
2. I love the smell of lavendar...don't old people love the smell of lavendar???
3. I see my reflection in a mirror and wonder who the fat, middle aged broad is and why she is giving me a cranky miserable look!
4. I Just lectured my boys that when I was their age "I had to walk 2 kms to the bus stop, even on a cold miserable day!!"so don't complain to me that your life is tough!!
5. I did situps on the floor and had to call my husband to help me off the back had seized up.
6. I tried to explain to the boys the concept of a drive in movie theater...they stared at me with their mouths wide open!!
7. Jonas just asked me if there was "toilets that flushed or did you have the outside toilets?"in my day.
8. Some of my favourite music has become the "oldies but goodies".
9. I found our first cell phone from the other day!! Sweet Mama, the phone was a foot long with an antenna on it that stuck out another 6 inches...
and this is the straw that broke the camel's back...(that led me to this post!!)
I have a WRINKLE!! (and not one bit happy about it I might add!!!)

Just had to share my deep thoughts for the night!
Good night!


the therapeutic writer said...

the first time I saw a "best of the '80's" album, I almost cried.

And then there was a "retro 90's hits" CD that left me wondering if I needed to buy some Geritol.

Somehwere, there are Depends in my size, waiting for me. I just know it.

So I made this mixed CD for a little roadtrip with the girls this weekend. And the youngest of our clan says "wow, that's hardcore oldschool".

I almost beat her with my umbrella.

org junkie said...

What!! Only ONE wrinkle??!! You are doing okay my friend if that is the case! I've got a million and it ain't pretty!

Nin said...

I love the smell of lavender! And I'm in my 20's.
I don't recognize the fat person in my mirror either!! -lol
My back seizes up all the time!! -lol
Congrats on your first wrinkle, look at it as a trophie that you've earned from having your knuckles off the ground for so long. LOLOL to your fist cell phone, I'd love to see that.
And just to add, I have a strip of grey hair, and again, I'm in my 20's. Age is how you look at it. You're young at heart, I can tell by reading your posts -lol
Sorry for all the lol's, I'm not even laughing over here

mom of 2 said...

LOL!!! My 5 year old son saw one of our old record albums upstairs the other day and asked if it was a giant cd!! Made me feel old!

Chunks said...

Don't go to any museums with your kids. Seriously. When you see things that you remember from your childhood IN A MUSEUM you will feel ancient!

I need to see a picture of this wrinkle, to compare it to the big one I have on my forehead. I'm seriously thinking of spackling it, it's like a crevice.

Oh and wait till your kid plays a PUNK version of a song from your youth and you can sing along. It blows their little minds!

Annie said...

Don't worry about one wrinkle, its when their friends join the party. But remember it adds character, and each and every wrinkle is earned (or a gift from your kids)!!

Tanya said...

I saw an add on tv today that had Pat Benatar singing and then this teenage girl joins in. It was an add for Candies clothing...their "vintage line" I guess the clothing style from the eighties is now vintage...sad, so sad. But hey, we were still cool!

ShariJoy said...

gee sure doesn't feel like twenty years has gone by.....twenty plus!! The other day I heard my grade 7 grad song... that got me thinking..has that much time gone by?? if I were to make a list I think they'd match on a few items!! lol you look sexy for a one wrinkle mama!!

Jenny said...

What was your grade 7 grad song?? Ours was "Time after Time". I remember we made a huge clock and decorated the "pods" (another name for big huge classrooms). It was the first time I slow danced with a boy.

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