Thursday, August 03, 2006


Scott took the boys to the school park the last couple of days. While walking thru the park the other day they saw a couple of discarded beer cans on the ground.
"Well that's not a good thing to be laying on the ground!"Scott commented as he picked them up to toss in the garbage can.
"Yeah!"replied Seamus.
"It looks like some Daddies have been hanging out in the school yard!"Jonas quipped.
And yes we know the consequences of husband is not a drunk, nor do I condone irresponsible drinking...just thought this story was kind of cute!


mom of 2 said...

That's really cute! I think it just shows that the boys have no idea that people other than dads drink beer. We have some teenagers on our street and they are not all that well behaved. Everytime something happens on our street (ex. smashed pumpkins at halloween, busted street lights) I say it was probably the teenagers. He now thinks that teenagers are the root of all evil. I've tried to explain that they aren't all bad...just some of them. He has a hard time taking my word for it!

ShariJoy said...

that was very insightful on his part and FUNNY!!!

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