Thursday, August 03, 2006

An Enjoyable Read

I read my favourite blogs like some would a newspaper. Every morning I grab my cup of coffee and start at the top of the list and work my way down to see what's happening in "Blogtown".
Certain ones I know will trigger different feelings. I am always giddy to see what Chunks has written. She is one nucking futs lady and has an uncanny way of desciptions that I always am sure to have a laugh.
I know that Nin will write something wise beyond her years and I will leave her post thinking about Faith in a different and exciting way.
Lori amazes me with her choice of quotes~either from songs, or movie lines, poetry. I always read it and feel inspired and have a sense of excitement over what has been written.
Janelle is always asking the questions we want the answers to. I always think "why didn't I ask that?" How did she know I was thinking that??
I always visit Blessed Family in anticipation of what picture Char or Adam have posted of their kids. It then motivates me to take more pics of my family.( today took pictures of frogs in a bucket for my blog)
And Joy...she is a funny lady, but even if she hasn't posted anything...truly I go there to look at her dog Wilbur!!! Probably the cutest dog I've ever seen in my life.
Laura is always giving the readers great organizational advice. Who would have thought that I could actually follow a menu plan and enjoy doing it????
And there are all of my friends (Shari, Penny, Tanya etc.) who I read faithfully to see what's going on in their homes. If I don't talk to them I can get a sense of what their day has been like. They always share good, honest, funny stories that I always get a kick out of.
I was going to mention Jamie, but it seems he's fallen off the blogosphere. I know he's out there posting pics....somewhere...
And I could go on and on about the blogs I read, but I won't(I have to make supper!!!). I am just thankful that each blog I read daily, touches me and inspires me in their own unique ways. You are all "link worthy"!
Thanks so much guys and gals!

Enjoy your day!


Chunks said...

*Takes a bow*

Thank You Jenny for your kind words!! I'm glad I could bring a smile, chuckle or a grin to your day.

Janelle said...

ahhh - you're a sweetie! i feel the same way about all of my blogging friends. some people just don't understand how you can get so close to people on-line...but you really can!! and you really end up caring about them!!
as for my questions - they come out of a lack of experience & needing some wiser (yes, i said wiser NOT older) people to answer them...or they come out of complete exasperation & exhaustion & hoping that someone answers before i throw myself off my balcony - haha...ok, that's a little extreme.
love ya!

ShariJoy said...

Good on you Jenny.I feel the same way only I don't get to read it everyday but I sure do try and I'm sad when someone hasn't posted something new. (which I myself am bad for)but its neat to read other peoples stuff

jamie said...

alright already. I've blogged twice now in the last few days.


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