Wednesday, August 02, 2006

AAAAH Blogger Bites!!!

Isn't Blogger frustrating sometimes???
Yesterday I had a very cathartic moment after I posted on "Selfishness". I released all sorts of emotions.(feeling selfish for having hurt feelings...yada, yada.)
So I tried to post a song that has a lot of meaning to me.
My MIL always says God speaks to you in music when you least expect it to. Yesterday Scott and I were out in Kitimat and I was sad and I watched him walk away to where he was going and then this song came on....
When Scott had first heard this song months and months ago on the radio he had come home from work and said, "Jen this song totally reminds me of you" (although when I remind him of him saying that he just says..did I???No way")
So yesterday when I was having a pity party for myself and feeling sad and full of selfishness that song came on!!
When I tried to post wouldn't work...and when I deleted that song and tried to put a different song my cathartic post disappeared as well!!!!
I can't even remember what exactly was written!!
But thanks guys for the comments...I went to bed thinking of each one!
Have a good day!!
(BTW, Recover Post does not work!!!)


Jenny said...

I am not posting anything else today~I'm mad at blogger!!! It won't let me do anything!!!

mom of 2 said...

I've been able to post, but not the post I wanted because I couldn't upload my picture...blogger stinks today!!

Chunks said...

Blogger is being a booger for me too. Posting pictures has been a nightmare!

Nin said...

aw, blogger's done it to us all. And yes, why do they have that "recover post" button, it's just a tease.
I love how God will speak volumes through a song. I love music, and have many songs that the Lord has ministered to me through, those times will stick with me forever.
I find sometimes that when I have one of my post deleted on me, or an email or something, I look at it as that God didn't want me to share it. Maybe it wasn't His timing, maybe He just wanted it to be between you and Him, a special thing for you two to share. Who knows.....:)
either way, be blessed! God is good :)

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