Sunday, August 06, 2006

Menu Plan Monday

It's Menu Plan Monday again. Go over to Laura's site to see who else is participating. Who would have thought that I would actually plan a menu a week in advance and follow it...and love it!! This past week has been so easy as far as feeding my family. We didn't have any junk food (except the BBQ hot dogs at George Little Park) and we all ate what we were supposed to. I will be doing this from now on!

Here's my menu for the week:
Monday: Chicken Cacciatore (over spag. noodles) with a salsa salad.
Tuesday: Hamburger steak, roasted garlic potatoes, and mixed vegetables.
Wednesday: Tuna Casserole with spinach salad.
Thursday: Beef dip
Friday: Beef fajitas (I'll make a big roast on Thursday, and just reheat the beef) with a greek salad.
Saturday: Grilled chicken and caesar salad. (the kids will have the grilled chicken but have corn on the cob instead of the salad.)
Sunday: Left over Sunday.

Anyways what are you guys having this week??
If you haven't tried this idea, truly it works. It saves on running around figuring out what you're having for supper and those trips to a fast food joint. My family hasn't eaten fast food in a long time and it feels awesome!!! (Josey just said the other day that he couldn't remember what McDonald's tasted like!! Yay!!!)

Have a wonderful day tomorrow! Gavin is so excited to see the "duck races" tomorrow. When I was tucking him in to bed tonight he said, "Mommy we're going duck huntin' t'morrow! Can I throw one in a bucket?" I just said, "we'll see!" Otherwise he wouldn't go to bed. So we have some explaining to do!!!

Good night!


Jessica said...

Some of those recipes look just TASTY! :)

crygibb said...

I just posted my menu for the week. waht a great idea, it does work, and it helps cut doen on eating out, and on the grocery bill. Im curious...what's the beef dip?

Chunks said...

I could never do this because what if I woke up on Thursday and felt like Bacon and Eggs for dinner? It's so funny to me because in my life, I am such a planner, but not with food I guess. I imagine it saves on the grocery bill though, and keeps a family organized.

Good for you for doing it!

Jenny said...

crygibb: the beef dip is the most easiest recipe ever. Buy some "Oxo French Dip" au jus mix. Cook a roast ( I always add onions and garlic to the roast). When the beef is cooked I add a bit of juice from the roast into a pot and add a couple of tbsp. of the Oxo dip then I add some water. Bring to a boil. Then I put the dip on a bun(usually a french roll) and pour some dip into a bowl. It's delicious.
I have a barbecue beef dip recipe somewhere that is amazing. The bbq one you cook in a crockpot. I'll make that next week and post the recipe.
Chunks: yeah the menu planning doesn't work for everyone. I used to know 1-2 days in advance what we were having for dinner so it's just a little more planning. I'm also doing this weight loss program so this helps big time!!!

Jenny said...

Okay correction Crygibb: add the beef to the bun!!! Then add the dip to a bowl.

Jen said...

Sounds great...funny we are both doing Tuna Casserole.
Enjoy your week...I'll come back and read you again,

ShariJoy said...

Jenny your recipes sound sooooooo good my problem is I know the main meat but its the other stuff I get hung up on or make the same over and over Potaoes and corn usually!! I need to expand my side dishes!!!

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