Monday, August 07, 2006

Stucka Part 3

Scott got up bright and early this morning. Too bright and early for this mama. Gavin got up with him and I heard him get his breakfast ready for him before he went out the door. ( kid's a cereal fanatic!) Anyhow I was kind of drifting in and out of sleep when I started hearing Gavin yelling for me.
I just rolled over. I know that's not a good mom thing to do, but my 3 year old is a chatterbox. He talks non stop and I figured he was telling me a story about duck hunting or penguins.
...I figured wrong!
His voice began to get louder and louder!!
"MOM-MY!...MOM-MY!" he yelled.
"What's up Gavin?" I responded from the comforts of my bed.
"I have puwobem(problem)!"he said.
"What's wrong?" I asked expecting he couldn't find his Mr. Spud Trooper that he is carrying around with him these days.
"Umm...I'm Stucka!"he yelled.
I leaped out of bed so fast, started running down the stairs but realized I didn't have my glasses on and I wasn't any help to my 3 year old if I couldn't I darted back up the stairs and back down to the kitchen. By this time I was out of breath...
And leave it to the Stucka Master to get stuck good!!! His hand was stuck in the spindles in the back of the kitchen chair. Wedged like...hmmm...his FOOT last year in the office chair!!!
I couldn't even move the hand!! (no time for pics...too early in the morning to think about posting blog pictures...reenactment maybe??)
"It's stucka good!"Gavin said as a big crococile tear streamed down his face.
"Why would you put your hand somewhere it doesn't fit?" I asked in desperation.
"It fit...won't come out!"he answered.
"Mommy...pease don't call Gwampa!"he said with a sad sad face.
(For those of you who aren't aware, here's the last time something similar happened. You have to scroll down to "The Sledgehammer")
I thought for a moment. Truly I didn't want to break a chair. Then a voice in my head spoke these 3 words to me...
...Petrelli Olive Oil...
So I ran to pantry and grabbed my olive oil. I grabbed a tea towel and poured some of the olive oil on it. I then coated Gavin's hand with the tea towel and... worked like a hot damn!! His hand moved and I moved it to the top of the chair and it came out!!!
So I think I could be on an informercial for Petrelli Olive Oil"...used for cooking, great salad oil...and it lubes your kid's hand so it won't be stuck in those easy to be stuck kind of places!!"
That was my excitement so far!!
Anyhow I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend!!
"We're off to hunt..ducks!"(and enter a Scavenger hunt which my husband knows "for a fact" we'll lose!!! Poor Sport!)

Have a great day!


Lori said...

you're a good story teller...good job on the olive oil...

Crystal said...

awww poor gavin......very creative thinking with the Olive Oil!
Why do kids always do stuff like that when we are having a really good sleep?
Glad it all worked out for you

ShariJoy said...

that was funny........ not... but funny!! Gavs gonna be the one who trys everything!!

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