Monday, July 17, 2006

Jenny from the Blog

Okay, thanks to Starla, for putting this song in my head. (eventhough I only saw you guys for 20 seconds!)

.....I used to write a little, sometimes a lot
I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the Blog.

You know those really irritating informercials. Well let me tell you I can't get this diddy outta my head. I even heard my husband humming this 10 minutes ago, after I sang a little to him.
(If anyone knows me they know I am constantly altering words from songs...Just the other day I changed "We Will Rock You" into "We will Catch You!". An anthem to the illusive Spring Salmon for my sweet darling hubby!)

Just had to share!
Better go...I'm dyeing my hair tonight and don't want to screw it up!!!


1 comment:

starla said...

LOL, I love you Jenny from the Blog! Let me know how the hair goes.

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