Monday, July 17, 2006

The One That Got Away

Scott's dad and his girlfriend are visiting from the East Kootenays. Today him and his dad ventured off for a day of drifting in the canoe down the river and fishing.
An hour ago the phone rang. I answered the phone and knew immediately my husband was distraut.
"Hey hun...I'm fighting back the tears!" he said.
"Why? What's up?" I asked.
"Well...I had a MONSTER of a fish on the line!"he sobbed.
"And it flew out of the water and man it was a pig!" he proceeded to tell me.
"Then I was playing her(funny how the big fat fish are always a her) and you'd never guess what happened?" he sighed.
"Well by the sounds of lost it?" I asked.
"How did you guess?" he asked. (well I'm not a rocket scientist!)
"The line broke...the line broke!!! Can you believe the LINE BROKE!" he stammered.
"Umm...Yeah!" I responded.
So my husband had a monster fish that got away!!! He could actually kind of prove to his dad that these fish do exist!!!

That's all for now!
Have a great day!


starla said...

poor guy! my husband would have cried too, than he would have had a tantrum probably!

Tanya said...

I hope you catch that big "guy"...I'm sure it must have been a male...he was just lost and wouldn't ask for directions...had he, he would've jumped right into that boat because that was where he was suppose to go! hee hee.

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