Sunday, July 09, 2006


My 3 year old is the biggest chatterbox. His incessant chatter is sometimes overwhelming. The other day at the checkout at Walmart he told the cashier all sorts of information.
"My mommy has a brown nose!" he exclaimed.
"My mommy has a yucky, uggy mouth!" he said without missing a beat.(I have the WORST cold sores from my overexposure to the sun! Not a pretty sight!!)
The cashier was ringing in pantyliners and Gavin proclaimed, "those are for mommy! She puts them on her bum!!"
Okay talk about being embarassed..............

We are going to the movies tonight as a family. Gavin has never been to movies before so I have been talking to him trying to explain that he needs to be quiet when he's in the theater.
"So Gavey, you really have to use your indoor voice when you're in the theater!" I explained.
"Oh mommy, I can't!" he said.
"But Gavey, you'll get to have popcorn and pop, and another just have to be quiet in the movie theater cuz other people will be trying to watch the movie!" I said again.
"Ahh mommy I don't sink so!"he said solemnly.
"You will try...won't you?" I asked.
"I can't mommy," he said, "I just weally, weally wike to talk!"
That was so cute!!!(and so true!)
He weally does let me tell you. Scott says that I've passed that gene on to him!
Anyhow I just had to share.
Gotta get some calories burned!



org junkie said...

Oh my gosh, that was TOO funny. I had tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard! My oldest was and still is a talker....some days you just want to hide!

Crystal said...

how cute......he is just the sweetest!

ShariJoy said...

I love how they just tell it like it is!!! which makes it sooooo funny!! Your kids have the comic gene thats for sure!!

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