Sunday, July 09, 2006

10 Places

This is just a quick post. I am waiting for some music to upload into the MP3 player before I step on the Elliptical.
We have had a great weekend thus far. Scott is taking some time to himself and gone fishing. I don't blame him. When we go it's sort of like a comedy of errors!!
Anyhow here's 10 places I would love to travel to in my lifetime. Thanks for my bestest bud for inspiring this post!
1. Take my family to Spain and stay there for at least a month!!
2. Cycle thru Tuscany with my husband and my brother in law and sister in law. This requires serious physical reconditioning!! (aka losing a whole lotta weight!!)
3. Take my family to Disney Land.
4. Go to Nepal with Scott! He's been there before but I would love to go on a hike (no not Everest!) through the Annapurnas.
5. Drive with my family across Canada. We have relatives in Cape Breton and would love to reconnect with the family.
6. Go to Bratislava (Slovakia) and meet my dad's half brother. I am interested in Family History so this would be fantastic to do!
7. Take my boys to Sweden to visit all of Scott's family.
8. Go to Africa and spend time in an African Safari.
9. Backpack with Scott thru Belize.
10. New Zealand Baby!!
I love travelling and since we have had children we haven't been able to. My boys are now at the age where we can start to plan on taking them on certain expeditions and adventures. I never had the opportunity to travel as a child (other than Ontario) and I think what better gifts and lessons can a child receive.
Anyhow the music is loaded. Can't think of any other excuse...gotta work out!
Have a great day!


ShariJoy said...

Great List Jen.......I'll have to do mine...But Belize and New Zealand are on mine as well!!

jamie said...

Why is that nobody ever puts 'Iowa' on the places they'd like to visit before they die??? LOL!!!

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