Monday, July 10, 2006

1:38 am

"Rock and Roll dudes!"

It's 1:38 am and I cannot sleep!! It probably doesn't help that Scott and I had Ice Cappuccinos at 10 pm. Loaded with sugar and caffeine is a sure fire way for me not to hit the hay!
Today Scott made Josey's very own "Rock and Roll" Cd. Josey picked all the songs himself. It is quite the eclectic mix. It's pretty fun cuz when you ask him what kind of CD he wants he raises both arms up and says: "Rock and Roll Dudes!"
So I watched from the sidelines (aka the floor) as the two of them picked out some songs.
"So Jose, what do you have in mind?" Scott asked.
"The Unicorn Song daddy!" he smiled. (The Irish Rovers)
"Okay...what else? Just start naming them!"Scott replied.
"Hmmm....Ring of Fire! Just love that song! (Johnny Cash) Johnny Reb, Sink the Bismark (Johnny Horton)...How 'bout Whiskey for my Horses( great song for kids!!! Toby Keith)..."
It was hardly a Rock and Roll Cd. But it was Josey's Greatest hits. He did have Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dream, Sheryl Crow's Soaking up the Sun and a few others...We Will Rock You (Queen), The Swingers Club (The Jungle Book)a couple of Keith Urban's....quite the mix.
He was so psyched to play it. He ran downstairs with his CD in hand and said: "Rock and Roll Dudes!"
There's been something that's been bothering me lately, but I am not sure how to approach the situation. I can't go into details,but it feels very cathartic just to write as much as I have.
Anyhow I am finally starting to feel a little tired.
Have a great day!


ShariJoy said...

Tried phoning you last nite must of missed you...I'll call you after work today!! Hope my buds okay and doing well! hugs from me and Kali

Tanya said...

Josey looks so much like Shay in that first picture, I had to do a double take cause "shay" wasn't looking quite like himself...but alas, it wasn't him!

That sounds like quite the CD, hope he enjoys it...well of course he will, for many years to come!

Jenny said...

Someone else said that Josey looked like Shay. I can't see it, but to others there's probably more of a resemblance.
They are all loving the CD...Gavin keeps on singing "we will we will wock you" and "You'll go all the way Johnny Wimp, Johnny Wimp (instead of Johnny Reb!)"

Nin said...

I'm going to come on and post something at an ungodly hour!
I'm up at very weird times now, I'll walk up 5 am and be wide awake, there have been nights where I'll get up and just wander around my apartment. Sleeping is real weird these days.
Your son sounds super cute. I'd enjoy that cd too!

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