Saturday, July 01, 2006

Canada Day

We spent 12 hours on the river bank and all we hooked into were 3 teeny weeny trouts!! The people down the bank from us were hitting, but we got nothing. Scott did manage to break my dad's rod, I tangled into Scott a few times, and I really tangled up our reel!! A day of misfortune!! The biggest misfortune is my physical appearance right now!! I made sure my children were covered in sunscreen from head to toe, but didn't reapply my sunscreen on my face (after 12 hours I should have!). Well the end result is I have big white raccoon eyes (from my sunglasses) and my nose is a deep reddish brown colour! My nose looks like same nose on the guy who had survived death on Everest and had the big frost bitten nose! I look pretty funny! And to top it off...I have polka dots on my feet!! I wore my Crocs (rip off version) out fishing and never thought to take them out of the shoe and have tanned through the holes!!! I really am a sight for raccoon eyes!!!
But we had an AMAZING day. It was filled with good fishing, laughter and fun times. I can't post right now I have to have a bath and try and relax. I hope you enjoyed your Canada day.
Enjoy the pics from today: (and none of me I might add!)


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