Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday's Activities

It was another beautiful day today. We spent the morning relaxing and me recuperating. My face was so sore. My mouth is even sunburned!! And before some people comment on how dangerous the sun is...I know!!! (just not too smart!)
We decided to go...(can anybody guess?!) fishing this afternoon. So we packed up the cooler and headed down to the Copper River. First we decided to go for a quick refreshing dip. My favourite spot in Terrace is Kleanza Creek. I find it very refreshing and rejuvanating. When I was a little kid we'd go camping there all the time, so it brings back fond memories for me.
The water was very cold, so we did feel very refreshed and rejuvenated!!! We hung out for awhile before heading off fishing. When we got to the riverbank we realized someone forgot Scott's fishing rod (I wasn't going to fish I was going to help the boys!) and he only had his fly rod! Wu-ell...Scott wasn't happy at all. And to top it off as we were leaving we saw a beauty of a fish being landed!!
It has been a wonderful weekend. We are planning a family fishing camping excursion on the riverbank for the end of the week! That should be fun! The boys are psyched! (especially my husband!) (If we go I hope to get some company from Shari and Penny for a couple of hours!)
Anyhow here's some pictures of today's excursion...
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Shari....I missed talking to you this weekend!!! Love ya Sweetie!
Have a great day!


org junkie said...

Wow that spot looks beautiful! Don't think I've ever been there. The weather has been great hasn't it. Glad you had fun!

Tanya said...

That looks very refreshing! Nice to see that the water has "slowed down" since we were there. Glad to hear that you had such a great weekend, even if you didn't snag the "big one"...did that sound sick? Oh well, you know what I mean! haha! Take care!

the therapeutic writer said...

Kleanza Creek has always been my fave place. I loved climbing over the rocks to see the falls.

Janelle said...

that looks beautiful!!! i'll have to come join you for a swim sometime!

Lori said...

it almost looks like we went to the same place, bc sure is beautiful...funny redneck story...

jamie said...

WOW I love that third picture from the top - little guy alone in a big rushing water world - very cool shot.

Pen said...

Oh Jenny those are amazing!! I've always wanted to go there but never have.

Perhaps i'll have to take Matt there while he's up.

Love the story too, lol.
xo Pen

Jenny said...

We're still in for the camping!! It'll be a blast! Anyhow are you and Hal coming on Saturday to the lake w/ us?? Hope so!!!

Pen said...

Hal works Saturday but if I don't have my nieces perhaps i'll go out or if their Dad lets them maybe they can come too.
All for camping too, should be fun!

Jenny for some reason everytime I go to comment in Canada Day or Funny it doesn't go through..whacky computer.
Have a wonderful day and take care of the H.S. aka lips

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