Friday, June 30, 2006

Water Boy Part 2

Hmm...looks good....(then he runs away!)

Okay, this time it'll be perfect (then he runs away again!)

Waiting for the water to hit the other side, and caught in the act!

This is the one!!! He still went in the house and didn't quite think it was aimed perfectly. I think he has a touch of OCD!!

I had to share a couple of pics of Scott in action. He sits on the couch for a couple of minutes, and seriously contemplates where the sprinkler should be situated. If it's not where he thinks he should be he goes back outside (as was the case 15 minutes ago) and repositions the sprinkler.... again, and again and again!

Anyhow nothing else is new and exciting. We are off fishing tomorrow. My dad caught a 32 pounded yesterday and Scott says we aren't leaving the riverbank until we catch something...Uh-oh, might not be posting for awhile!!!

Have a great Canada Day weekend!!



ShariJoy said...

At least he waters it!!.... Dug has same problem but not as bad he waters every evening!! and makes sure he tells me " WE" should water in the evening!! lol

Tanya said...

That looks like me last night...I even think its the same sprinkler!

Anyways, have a great weekend. Maybe we'll see you at the riverbank fishing, we're going to attempt going out today as well. Have fun...looking forward to seeing what you catch! Take care.

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