Monday, June 05, 2006

Message in the Bathroom....The Reveal

"Jen I can't believe it has come to this". I looked at the scribbled note that lay on the bathroom vanity with amusement. Laying beside in an organized manner was a bottle of toothpaste that had been cut open and apparently the innards of the bottle had been scraped and used for brushing his teeth.
The night before Scott and I had a lengthy discussion on how to save money. We are going to Vegas next March and in the meantime, we have a lot of items to purchase. My rational is that there must be something from our household budget that we could scrimp down even more so we can save some cash....
Scott assumed when he went to brush his teeth in the morning I was trying to scrimp down on toothpaste consumption! Honestly I forgot to purchase tooth paste, so that was his note to me...nothing real interesting or exciting! A bit of a sarcastic jab to his wife....

Have a good one!

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ShariJoy said...

I thought for sure he was gonna alot you so much paste like in Europe!!

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