Wednesday, June 07, 2006

For My Best Friend

Good friends are hard to find. True friends are even harder to find. I have had the privelage of having a true and honest friendship with my best friend for a long time. Throughout these years the two of us have not only maintained our friendship, but our friendship has bloomed and continues to blossom. There were times when we were apart due to travelling and our youthful happenings and it was never awkward or strange when we saw each other again. We have had countless of funny and hysterical moments that only the two of us could find humour in. She has helped me through difficult struggles in my life and has always had a positive attitude about any situation I could throw at her. She has seen me in my highs and in my lows. She stood up for me at our wedding and went beyond the call of duty for making me have my dream day. All that she has done, she has done without a second thought. Every night when I say my prayers I also thank God for having her in my life. She truly is a one of a kind person. With every situation good or bad she handles it with a big smile on her face.
With all of this said, I want to wish Shari Joy a wonderful and amazing birthday! You truly are the best friend a woman could have and I am honoured to have you in my life!
Happy Birthday!
Have a great day!


Chunks said...

What a nice tribute to your best friend!!! You are both lucky to have each other, good friends are hard to come by!

Pen said...

I agree...wonderful tribute to your friendship. Relationships like you two share are invaluable and such a blessing.

xoxo Glad you have each other.

Jenny said...

We have you Penny!!! I am blessed to be getting to know you!! You are so much like Shari and I (not as odd as me I must say) that you fit right in with us!! I'm glad that Shari has you in Kitimat to pal around with. You two are awesome for each other!!

ShariJoy said...

Hey Jenny....You make me wanna cry... I am so blessed to have a bestfriend like you!! We'd only be closer if we were sisters!! BUt right back at yeah Mamaliscious.your friendship has completed me over the years!!! without you in it I don't know what I would of done!! I love you with with all my being...thanks for always being there!! and thanks for making such a fantastic BDay wish!!

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