Friday, June 09, 2006

Painting on the Mind

Well I began painting the kitchen. Everything is going as planned. I hate that I am an indecisive person. I tried the colour on the wall last night and immediately was in love with it. After I was finished painting most of the kitchen I was looking at the colour and thinking..."I hope that doesn't look too baby blue??" Then I couldn't sleep...all I kept thinking was..."I didn't want baby blue...I wanted 'wishing well' a soft blue grey colour!" Finally after hours of second guessing myself I woke up and ran downstairs.
"Is that baby blue?" I asked myself...."where's the paint chip?" I couldn't find the paint chip..."Crap!"
When Scott awoke (he was coming off of nights) he sauntered downstairs.
"Do you like the colour?" I asked. All the while I was saying this mantra"not baby blue...not baby blue"
"Yeah...looks good!" he answered.
Phew!! We were in the clear...until...big mouth myself had to add, "do you think it looks a little like baby blue?"
"I dunno?!" he asked, "do you?"
"I don't know either...I didn't sign up for baby blue!" I stammered.
"Well just call it grey blue then!" he answered.
This husband is of no help!! (but maybe he's on to something!)
So I immediately left to find the paint swatch at Canadian Tire, so I could compare it to the wall colour.
As I was walking into the paint section who did I see??? Great minds think alike...there stood Shari looking at paint selections.
"I HATE the colour that my bathroom turned out like!" she said to me.
I just smiled and casually mentioned my dilemma. (Too funny that the two of us were having paint dilemmas at the same moment! On a side note: it is funny how often Shari and I bump into each other in Canadian Tire!!)
Anyhow, back to my story....I went home (after spending $59 on plants!! Spent $48 yesterday!) and put the sample to the was dead on!
"See's not baby blue!" I smiled.
So I've realized that my soft grey blue may somewhat resemble a baby blue, but I prefer it to be called "wishing well". In the next few months we are going to put up crown molding in the kitchen and living room, and wainscotting in the dining area. Then my kitchen will be almost complete. (new tile next year $$$)
Anyways I'm off to finish my painting!!
Enjoy your evening!


ShariJoy said...

I really like the color you choose!! The bathroom looks better now that its not sooo glossy...its a flat paint way better!!! I like it not sure if I love it yet!! the problem is no natural light in the bathroom!!! so ho it looks once everything is back in there.
On another are looking smoking HOT!!! the tan the hair the weightloss...good on you girlfriend!!!

Chunks said...

I was going to say the same thing about the light. Our house is Flagstone Grey and in some rooms it looks more blue than grey, depending on what kind of light is shining.

Post pictures. I'm sure it looks lovely!

Pen said...

Can't wait to see how it looks and you too! Shari was telling me how H-O-T you're looking.

xo Pen

Jenny said...

Well I must thank Shari for the compliment, but I hardly think I am looking all that shit hot!! Plus, I haven't eaten great these past couple of days, so anything I've lost is adding up.... Seriously's the running!! Running Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal said...

I love the color any variation so I am sure your kitchen looks great! You really need to post some pictures...we all want to see how hot you are looking!

Jenny said...

Trust me Crystal, this Mama ain't looking so 'liscious! I have a long way to go, plus I have ate horribly this weekend, not exercised, am bloated, and have sprouted a couple of fresh zits!! All in all, not good for pictures!!!
It's nice to have great friends that encourage and compliment me along the way. It makes me feel thanks girls!

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