Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Yin-Yang of My Mouth

I never like to discuss my finances, but I am overjoyed to say that I am the Official Owner Of The Metal in my mouth!!! I just made my final payment to my ortho!!!! Yay!!! No more monthly ortho fees!!! Does this mean I can take the money I spend monthly on ortho fees and save it??? Not a chance!
So the Yin-Yang thing happened today. I made the final payment to my ortho and was overjoyed. I got home and the dental specialist from Vancouver called and confirmed my appointment to get the Free Tissue Graft. Free????? I think I should sue them for false advertisement. This one appointment will cost me upwards of $800. I am not doing it for any cosmetic reason...well, possibly. If I don't do the tissue graft I will most likely lose a couple of teeth cause my gums won't be strong enough to hold the teeth!! I guess that might be cosmetic...I don't want to walk around with two teeth missing from the lower jaw!! The kicker is that my insurance company doesn't cover this!! I have been told I NEED this procedure, but it's not a procedure that's covered.
I think when this is all said and done I will insure my teeth!!! They'll be worth a pretty penny (or rather dollar!!).
So I finish paying something off and wham, I have something else to pay!! Oh joy!!!
Had to bitch a little folks!
Hope there's no Yinging or Yanging going on with any of you!!
Have a great day!!


Chunks said...

Ouch! My poor friend Murphy has had to be in braces and all that Jazz, her teeth are worth more than her vehicle! Yikes! That sucks that your insurance company won't cover a procedure that you NEED, what a farce.

WHAT did the note mean?!!!!! I'm dying over here!

Let Grace Rain Down said...

Hello. Must say I have the same problem as you. My dentist told me that by 40 I might loose all my teeth...ahhhhhh!!!!!! So I will pray that the finances come as they need. We need our teeth to eat and smile and stuff. LOL many blessings!

Tanya said...

When it pours eh? Thinking of you. When do you get this "free" graft done?

Pen said...

I bet you'll be glad when this is all over and done with. Regardless, you have an amazing smile anyways.

A Girl Running said...

OMG dental and orthodontic work is so expensive. I had a lot of work done a few months ago and just managed to pay it off

oh I think run walking programs are exciting as the progress you make is really addictive. I will be there again in a couple of weeks

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