Saturday, June 24, 2006

Girls Night

I had a much needed break from my family last night. Don't get me wrong, I love my family but lately I feel a little bit overwhelmed. We went to Nunsense, a local musical production and then to Boston Pizza for some much needed girl chat. I trust my friends won't ever reveal to my husband some of the things I shared with them. Probably too much information!!! We ended the evening by heading over to a local pub for a drink. Unfortunately my stomach was reeling from the nachos (I think I am lactose intolerant!) and I was suffering from some stomach pains! I had fun people watching. The band was....well....interesting. I think the crowd enjoyed them. I think you needed to be intoxicated to enjoy them. It was fun though!
Thanks girls! I enjoyed our coloured conversations and our lively time out!!
I'm off now to paint the computer room!
Have a great day!


Tanya said...

Glad to see you got some much needed "time away" from your family and that you enjoyed yourself. You and Lucy look like you could be sisters! Hope your feeling better.

Chunks said...

Girlfriends are saviours. I would die without mine!

the therapeutic writer said...

Who are the 2 in front on the top picture? I recognize the rest of you glamour gals

Pen said...

Jenny that was fun and we really need to get together more often! Plenty of 'LIVE' entertainment Friday night and quite the variety too.
xo Pen

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