Saturday, June 24, 2006

Time to Dust (oops!)

I shouldn't even be sharing this picture!! Talk about needing to dust my house! I just was on the computer, looked over on the printer stand and there was a footprint embedded in a pound of dust!! Needless to say, I am currently dusting my house!!!

Enjoy your day!

Scott was stepping on the stand to tape the edges of the ceiling;hence, the foot print!


Chunks said...

HAHAHAH That is so funny!! I should take pictures of mine too! How disgusting of us...hahaha!

Crystal said...

wow.....that is hilarious....I should go check out my dusting hasn't been done for awhile!

Pen said...

lmbo, Hal and I will leave messages for one another if we notice lots of dust. Love the footprint.

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