Tuesday, June 20, 2006

In Conjunction With Chunks


scribble said...

wow, I had been wanting to hear that song. I think I may need to request the album soon for some special day.

I added you to the scribble blog blogroll.
Why weren't you on there before?
I have no idea.

have a great wednesday.

meelo said...

i am enamored of this song. glad to find that someone else is too. i never stopped loving the dixie chicks. and the 'controversy' (pfft) that came up with them was ridiculous. now the whole country agrees with their comment. i love them.

Chunks said...

It's like we're sharing the same brain, blog-stalker lady!!! heehee!!

Isn't the video phenomenal?! The whole CD is wicked awesome, I've been listening to it for a week.

Adam said...

how the heck did you get the video to play direct like that girl? I've been trying and only get a link people have to click on to. Your auto playing video is way cool. Share your secret please.

Jenny said...

Adam, go to VideoCodezone(or wherever the place is). Make sure the code you get is for "other blogs or websites." Then you paste the code into you're new post,(don't hit "edit html") but before you publish it, hit "preview" and then when you see the video screen is there, hit publish. I find if I try and add commentary I can never get the video screen up, instead I just add the video without my witty wordings!
Are you confused yet???
I think I am...I might have to try a video to see if what I explained is right!
Hope it works out!

Jenny said...

Okay, I gave some wrong instructions. I think you have to hit "compose" after you paste. don't hit preview. then you publish.

Tanya said...

Ok...I'm glad I went back and checked through your comments. I was trying to figure the same thing out for my own. Unfortunately the video that I wanted wasn't working on the website as it is, so I went with a "live" video instead. But still was only able to have the link and not the screen. I'll have to try this again.

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