Monday, May 01, 2006

Ro's Comment

Not that anyone cares (besides myself) I wanted to share the post that Rosie commented on. Click here (and scroll down to May 1st )and you can read the comment. I was just going thru my posts and wanted to know what brilliant things I had written on May 1st of last year. I hadn't written anything too brilliant, but I didn't mind the comment from Rosie.
Happy May Day!


Janelle said...

ok, i want rosie to comment on MY blog!! that's crazy!!
do you think it really was her????

Jenny said...

Yeah I'm pretty sure it was her. I had asked a question on her blog and she responded. She used to comment on lots of blogs. When I told Scott about her commenting he said, "yeah so!" He doesn't get phased by anyone.

Pen said...

Too cool Jenny!

Lucy said...

That is so cool..Right on Jen!

Chunks said...

I am so jealous!! hahaah! I have asked Ro about five times, I don't want to be a stalker but c'mon!

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