Saturday, April 29, 2006

Daisies and Fish

My husband decided that he had picked out the perfect Mother's Day gift for me. I have to commend him for actually thinking that far in advance. Gee Whiz, he must really love me...
"Yeah babe, I've been thinking about what you REALLY need!" he said the other night.
"What's that?" (I crossed my fingers and said a silent prayer. Surely I'd be getting something I really fancied...perfume, a new
"Well we need to start going out more for family outings..." he began.
A new jacket maybe??? A day pack?
"and I think you need your OWN fishing rod and reel!" he said enthusiastically.
"Sounds great hun!" I answered.
"It does...I mean yeah it's a good idea." he smiled.
"Only if the reel is pink!" I answered.
"Pink?" he exclaimed.
"Yep. That way it's MY rod and reel!" I answered.
"Whatever."He said.
And I smiled knowing that my husband's plan wasn't quite falling into play.
~The other day he came home from fishing with his buddy.
"I know what kind of rod and reel we're getting!"he said.
"We're getting?" I asked.
"I mean you. I think it'll be better to get a bit shorter rod this time. Al's got one and it's awesome!"he answered.
"Can I put daisy stickers on it?" I asked.
"No way!" he answered.
I just shook my head. "But that way it's mine!" I answered.
"Well when you're not using it than I'll use it!" he answered.
"Why? You have a good rod and reel!" I asked.
"Yes I do. But you deserve the best hun. So when you're not with me I can use yours cuz it'll be better!" he answered. (Does he think that he can outsmart me?)
"You are so thoughtful Scott. That's the perfect present!" I said.
"Thanks babe!"he said smiling.
My husband is in his glory. He thinks he's "buying" me the perfect present. Little does he know that the idea of his family fishing together more often is all I could ever ask for.
(I am looking for daisy stickers though!)

Have a great night!


Chunks said...

Oh Jenny, you are a better woman than I am!!! If my hubby brought me home a fishing rod for mother's day, well, he'd be farting to reel it in, it would be jammed in his ass so far!

hahahha, I hope he finds you the pink one with daisies on it just for giggles!

Pen said...

OMG Jenny...I got a beautiful fishing rod last year for my birthday! Have I used it yet you ask? I had my hands on it for 2.2 milliseconds, lol. If you find those daisy stickers please share! Wouldn't that shock the bejeezus out of them?
I'm with you though, just spending time with Hal is wonderful..even if he's using my rod!

Big squeezy hugs,

Crystal said...

you are hilarious Jenny.....I think I would be with Chunks on this husband would be sore for weeks if he came home with a fishing are definately a way better woman than me!

Jenny said...

Chunks you are so funny!!! Still chuckling when thinking of the phrase" he'd be farting to reel it in..."

carebear said...


Debbi said...

I would love a fishing reel for Mother's Day!! It would be the perfect reason to get him perfume and some new jewelry for Father's Day.

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