Friday, April 28, 2006


I have a handy dandy site meter. I like it. I can look up and see locations of those that read my blog. It's something I like having. There's also a cool feature on it that is called referrals. Today I clicked on the referrals and it shows where some of the readers are coming from. It also shows how they might have come to my site. Sometimes it's a little scary how someone may end up here:
Here are 5 examples of how a person has come across my site by typing in certain words on a search engine:
1) strom (using MSN explorer)
2)...hiking while menstruating
3)...the best dam sex show
4)...stumble bathroom my contacts
5)...babe ruth Jenny
These are relatively boring examples. I will start keeping track of some more obscure phrases that have led those to me. Stay tuned...

G'Night Folks


kim Funk said...

how does that work? i want one haha

Pen said...

Me too!! I asked Tanya but she didn't say.

ahh Jenny..some of those search engine results are hilarious!!

jamie said...

That's odd, cuz I am sure I found your blog by searching for 'redhead wannabes', but maybe that was someone else....


Nice pictures on the previous post, btw. The man in the tree is way cool.

Tanya said...

Penny...I wasn't quite sure what you meant by "how do you know how many people are looking? care to share?"...I just know that some people look, but don't let themselves be known...but I don't have a tracker to know for sure...sorry.

But I should look into getting one...cause I know there are people that don't fess up..even when you ask.

Pat said...

Give it time -- before long you'll be asking yourself "How'd they get to my blog by searching for THAT?"

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