Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More Search Results

I promised I'd share a couple of more search results...here they are:
...."my dad is a polygamist"
...."women with moustaches"
...."just feel better"
and..."Gung Hay".

I think I'll try and use these phrases in a paragraph. I bet it could become an interesting story? I'll post it later!!

Have a great day!


Pen said...

Looking forward to reading these in a story, lol.


ShariJoy said...

hey Jen I put the site meter on too and someone searched for " Kim needs a life" and it brought them to my site... she probally thought after reading mine... oh my life is soooooooooo much more interesting than hers!!

Chunks said...

Where ARE you?!

Pen said...

hehe, was just coming to post the same question! I know she was away on holidays but thought she was back.

JENNYYYYY!!! Get your butt back here, we miss your posts.

luv ya,

ShariJoy said...

Thats funny .... I too came to say I MISS YOU!!!! can't wait for my a.m call

Janelle said...

haha, i'm gonna start saying that all the time!! i love it!

Pen said...

JENNY!!! Must get home soon, missing you and your blogs!

oh and TAG, YOU'RE IT!! go read my blog to find out.

Katrina said...

Those are hilarious! I always get a kick out of reading the recent keywords search on my stat counter! It's so tempting to put weird, random phrases into my posts just to see if they'll get Google hits!

I think you definitely have the makings of a great post there.

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