Saturday, May 27, 2006

I AM: Woman, Wife, Mother, Lover, Sister, Friend....Jenny
I WANT:To lose weight! To see a picture of myself where I don't wonder who that woman is standing next to my husband!!
I WISH: For peace on earth...the end of racism
I HATE:negative people, backstabbers, finding a wet dishcloth in a sink full of water.
I MISS: my sister, roadtrips
I FEAR: outliving my husband or losing a child.
I WONDER: what Scott and I will look like when we are 80 years old!!
I REGRET:Thinking I could eat all the deep fried cheese balls when I was pregnant with my first son and gaining a lot of weight that did not come off after his birth!!!
I AM NOT: a daredevil.
I DANCE: at every opportunity!! Sometimes I'll put on a cheesy love song and Scott will hear it and try to run the other way.
I SING: (again) with every opportunity. I love to Karaoke...Scott just shrinks down when he sees me jumping up to sing!
I CRY: with every sappy love movie... When my husband looks at me and says "I don't know how I can deserve someone like you?" (I think it's cuz I'm in shock that he actually truly believes that!)or when I'm feeling sad.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: sensitive
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: cards, poetry, drawings
I WRITE: daily...journal entries, blog posts, essays, stories
I CONFUSE: the number on the scale with self fulfillment
I NEED: love, friendships, sunshine
I SHOULD:have gone for a run tonight!!!
I START: many diets
I FINISH: few diets!!
Everyone and their dog has done this one!!! No one left to tag!!


Lori said...

i hear you on confusing the numbers on the scale with self fulfillment...that's why i don't have one; but then i go and step on the one at the spaghetti factory...all i can say is...oops. have a good day!

Chunks said...

I have never done this one, I will tonight!!!

I would love to see some of your drawings!

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