Thursday, May 25, 2006


I just did my second attempt at the Running Program. I have to rename it as the "Walk...Run...Walk...Run" Program. I was strong in the beginning. Or so I thought. I only ran for about 45 seconds and then I would walk. I couldn't do the whole course, but tomorrow's a new day. I ended up power walking most of the way back. I worked up an awesome sweat so I'm proud of myself. Note to myself: don't eat a big Greek Salad 25 minutes before attempting a run.
As I was leaving the door my observant husband said to me, "why are you taking your purse with you?"
"In case I get stopped by the police?" I answered.
"Why will they be stopping you?" he responded with a confused look on his face.
"Maybe I'll be going too fast...go thru a stop sign...I don't know"I answered.
"Too fast...maybe hun, but I don't think so. Will it be comfortable?" he asked nervously.
"Will what be comfortable?" I answered.
"Taking your purse?" he stammered.
"Why not?" I answered in an annoyed voice.
"Well you're going to look a little odd don't you think?!" he said.
"Odd?"I asked.
"Carrying that purse and running!" he yelled.
"Well if I were to carry a purse and run I'd look odd, but seeing how I'm taking it cuz I'm driving to where I'll be running I won't look that bad!" I said.
"Well that makes sense!" he smiled.
Now for all you husbands out there, don't underestimate your wife. Did he really think that his wife would go running with her purse in hand for fear of getting stopped by the police by running too fast???? AAAAAH, men!!!
Life is strange. On the way to the walkway I was driving down the road and was thinking about a friend of mine. I got to the stop sign and was applying some lipgloss while waiting for the traffic controller (I'm not sure why I was applying lip gloss to go running????Go figure???) and I looked in the mirror and there behind me was my friend (and her family) that I was just thinking about. Strange how things like that happen. We ended up chatting at the Millenium for a moment, but things like that make you wonder. Another example: on the drive home the other day I was thinking about how I felt when I was pregnant with Seamus and all my insecurities. All of the sudden, a song came on that I listened to while I was pregnant with Seamus. Shari and I had drove down to Prince George and listened to that song over and over again. Why did that song play at just that moment??
Anyhow nothing new to report.
Talk to you later,


ShariJoy said...

is it the song I did in my various voices????
I think I'd bring my purse jogging only so the police could identify my body when they found a dead women on the side of the road!!! way to go girl keep it up!!

Lucy said...

Good for you Jenny, im proud of you. Just remember, walking is the best exercise, so dont worry if you walk more than you run.

Tanya said...

Way to go Jenny! I know what you mean about things happening just after think about them...strange, but cool all at the same time.

Jenny said...

Shari it was that song that we played over and over again on the way to PG. Can you remember which one??
Lisa Loeb "Stay".

Pen said...

Congrats Jenny! I think that's awesome you do the combo. Colour me dead in a ditch if I jogged, between throbbing knees and whiplash from breasts i'd be lucky to get to Kuldo, lol.

Jenny said...

I had to double strap the boobies in. I am in serious pain today. Off now to do the elliptical and upper body weights. Then I'm going to prime the kitchen....I don't where I'm getting all this energy from????? TTYL

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