Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Housewife's Blues

I am not sure how woman who work outside of the home manage. The last couple of days I have been so overwhelmed by trying to organize, clean and paint. In between trying to do these things I have had to take care of my darling boys, and general household management stuff (ie. paying bills and getting groceries). I have also been trying to work out!! I'm a stay at home mom and there are moments when I am wondering how I'll manage. So for all of you women who work outside of the home, I'm throwing my control top undies up in the air in amazement at you. Moreover, for those single moms who work outside of the home, I'll just kiss your feet in awe!!!
It just amazes me how dirty my family is. I cleaned the basement and scrubbed the bathroom in the basement on Wednesday and today the basement was a total mess!!! I don't think I am a neat freak, but I like things to look and have the illusion of being clean. It seems my house never even has the illusion anymore. Today I just spent 4 hours cleaning the house from top to bottom. Scott came home and asked, "what have you been doing all day?!" He's lucky the vacuum cleaner was put away cause I could have easily found a spot for the hose!! Oh well, the sorrows of a housewife.
So my question to all you is how do you manage and not feel overwhelmed??? Is it just me, because I certainly don't have a lot on my plate and I still feel like I need to manage my time to fit everything in...and there's really not a whole lot to fit in?!
Hope you have a great evening!
(imagine this chorus song with a soulful, raspy Janis Joplin voice)
I work all day in the mornins
feeding kids and scrubbing loos,
I'm slingin' suppers out of nothin',
This mama's got the housewife blues....Oh Yeah, OOH baby,
Mama's got the housewife blues...AAH honey,
Now sing along with this mama,
while she has her housewife blues.............................


Christy said...

I don't know how I manage sometimes. I get very overwelmed at times. Dr.Phil always says that being a stay at home is like having 2 full time jobs! I would have to agree with him on that one! Don't worry you are not alone!

Lucy said...

I think thats why I work. Then I have an excuse for a messy

carebear said...

i totally totally relate!!!!!!!!
oh me gosh....i hear all your saying!
I feel like im shoveling in a snow storm!

It's hard to just keep plugging away to find it go back to the way it was 2 seconds later.
I really try hard to TRAIN my kids. I try really hard to have them work along side me. Even tho, they don't do a good job..yet...i know that training them will eventually pay off.
It's totally in the bible. that is our command from God is to train up our children.
I was talking to my friend last night about this and I was telling her that I get frustrated when the job isn't done right (like when Isaiah tries to help me weed the garden and pulls the weeds off leaving the root in the ground)
she told me that getting the weeds out isn't the point of us being together. It's being to tgehter , building relationship, and showing her that her efforts are worth my while!
I really really need to remember that.
We are doing a great thing by staying home. In a society that does not value this, we need as mothers to stick together and remind eachother how this really is important!

Tanya said...

Been there, still doing it...I don't have much advice on this one, but we need to consider ourselves lucky that we are able to stay home with our children...messy house or not. Our kids are fed, and loved, thats all that matters really. Our husbands....well thats another story....hahaha!

the therapeutic writer said...

I just have low standards. LMAO

Actually, I just would never marry someone who didn't do his share. He cooks dinner Monday to Friday because he's home first, does the laundry, cleans the bathroom and takes out the trash. I keep things tidy and wiped down and try to do a deep clean once every week or two. And sometimes, we just live with the dirt for a bit. Its not going to kill us.

Jenny said...

Scott does his share but it's really hard living with a neat freak!! Plus I think as I grow older I'm becoming more like my mom (unfortunately)....

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