Sunday, May 28, 2006

Where Do You Blog?

I read this on someone's post...can't remember who. It was probably from one of Janelle's links. Here's a pic of my computer room...where I communicate with all my fellow blog buddies. It's not finished yet. I need to paint the walls and put up the masks and travelling trinkets. Thought I'd share....

It looks like our book shelf should be braced!! Scott made it years ago!(The book shelf and computer face each other on opposite walls). Chunks, you probably can't tell but the sunflower pic on the window sill above the sunken bookshelf is something I drew. Nothing great but it makes me happy when I look at it.
So where do you blog from??

Have a great night!


jamie said...

Jamie's Bloggin Puter

carebear said...

commented on your last post girlie

Chunks said...

Cool picture that you drew!! I can't get over how neat your computer desk is, that is twisted! I blog at the kitchen table usually although I have been known to blog from almost anywhere in the house, since I am on my laptop.

Jenny said...

It's so not neat!!! Those baskets house an assortment of crap!!! The filing cabinet is officially two junk drawers!!

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