Thursday, February 23, 2006

Spring has Sprung!!!

I don't want to jinx the weather, but it looks like Spring has Sprung!!! It has been beautiful weather these days.
I am nervous about it being spring. I have some beautiful flower beds and a really nice rock garden and I am clueless when it comes to gardening!! Scott and I were just discussing that yesterday. I will have to get my friend Di over so she can help me decide what's a weed and what isn't. There must be a "Gardening for Dummies" book around. I'll have to look!Oh well! I am excited!!! We'd like to extend the grass all the way to the back of our yard (currently it's only part ways) but we won't be doing any landscaping until next year. I'd also love to make a greenhouse,but that is a way off! Our goal for this year is to do the fence, replant a couple of bushes and get new patio furniture. I always plant cool herb pots, so I am excited about that as well. We were on the deck yesterday and I still am in awe that this is ours. We are so blessed!!! Once the fence is in I'll feel better. Our one neighbours have a bit of a junk yard happening. I can't believe when we looked at the house we didn't even take notice of them!! Oh well, once it's fenced we won't notice them at all!!
Anyways nothing else new to report. Scott is off this weekend and we are going to play poker with our friends, go to the maple sugar festival and go fishing!!!! Those are our plans, but we'll see what direction we end up taking!
I hope you are all having a wonderful day!! Get out and enjoy the sunshine (if you are so lucky to have sunshine!)


Tanya said...

The sunshine has been nice hasn't it. I'm sure enjoying it, glad you are too.

jon said...

You have cursed us now. It is written that anyone who lays claim to spring during the month of February, shall cause heaps of arctic fury to be piled upon our heads.

Jenny said...

Jon: that's exactly what my husband just said to me!!! Oh well, I am an optimist!! Wishful thinking!!!!!

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