Monday, February 20, 2006

Random Papaliscious

I am suffering from insomnia tonight. I drank way too much coffee this afternoon with my mom and with my friend.
Here are some random tidbits about Papaliscious (aka Scott):
-he is a twin.
-he suffers from middle child syndrome.
-he is 5'8"
-thinks he has a flabby gut (not!!!)
-loves to set up the LOTR guys and play "the movie" with the boys.
-Wouldn't tell me what his middle name was when we first started dating.
-Had to give his first born his middle name.
-has pretty feet.
-whitens his teeth.
-has beautiful arms.
-awesome butt
-I'm getting sidetracked here...sorry!!
-loves John Denver.

-loves Pearl Jam, Tragically Hip, Green Day and Pink Floyd
-gets really afraid of Horror Movies (the biggest wimp I know!!!)...after watching"The Blair Witch Project" Scott went to the bathroom and I stood in the corner of the bedroom with my nose to the wall. When he walked into the bedroom and saw me in the corner he freaked out!!!
-sounds like a cross between a woodpecker and hyena when he laughs.
-can mimic darth vader's voice to a tee.
-Had encephilitis as a young child.
-loves to fish and bike (no way!!!)
-loves watching and collecting movies.
-uses the phrases "dvd worthy' to determine whether he buys a movie or not.
-loves taking photographs. Was hired for 3 weddings to take the pictures.
-has a broken wrist.
-his favourite movie of all time...."the LOTR trilogy".
-wanted to be Han Solo as a child.
-in grade 4 after getting a talking to about the birds and bees his mom told the boys when he was ready to just let her know. He told her he was "ready"...
-sings really loud when he is on his bike trainer!
-sweats profusely.
-doesn't wear cologne (aah!)
-but wears Mennen deodorant.
-swears a little too much!
-would like to get a tattoo, but doesn't like needles.
-has the worst memory in the world.
-puts things away, but never remembers where he puts them.
-is a neat freak!!!
-has never cleaned a toilet.
-After working out upstairs he always runs down the stairs buck naked to the shower. I am worried that one of these days one of the neighbours will see him! (we have no window treatments!)
-is a worry wart!!
-doesn't like debt!
-unless it's on a new bike, or a new fishing rod!!
-has 2 grey hairs on the back of his head.
-has the nicest hands.
-is sarcastic.
-always knows when I am sad. He can give me a look and I'll start to bawl.
-leaves me love (or lusty) notes when I am least expecting them.
-uses the term "Ah...boy" in a newfie accent. (he's not a newfie)
-proud of his 1/1000 (not really) Swedish ancestry. His grandpa was a Swede.
-has not one bad memory of his childhood.
-a slow reader but retains every tidbit of information! Can tell you what happened in a book 20 years ago!

-loves oreo cookie hut chicken wings...A & W Mozza burgers...and doesn't look like he loves all the junk!!
-says "Tager instead of Tiger" and "On the sudden...instead of all of the sudden!"
-is famous for giving me "the look" when I say something that shouldn't have been said.
-has been known to give me a kick under the table if I'm starting to talk about something...
-wore glasses as a child
-perfect vision now
-above average hearing(according to hearing tests)
-but chooses not to hear me when I ask him to unload the dishwasher!
-has atrocious spelling
-doesn't like it if someone's mad at him.
-will probably make me erase this after he reads it tomorrow!!
Anyhow the insomnia has ceased...I'm ready for bed!


Janelle said...

ok, that birds & the bees thing is really, really funny! remind me not to talk to Kamryn about that for a LONG time!!!!
you sound like a lucky girl Jenny!

Chunks said...

He sounds like a good guy, I am happy for you!!!

I might have to do the same thing on my blog about Darin...he would never find it though, I don't even think he knows I blog!

Tanya said...

Thanks for the link to that site. WOW!!! Thats crazy! But inspiring all the same!

ShariJoy said...

I thought he was
"Oh Konan big daddy most often called Scott, is the name of my lover whos SEXY and HOT!!!" LOL Tell him I couldn't resist!!! I will never forget that!!

Jenny said...

I totally forgot about that little diddy!!!!! Too funny!!!

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