Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Couple More Quirks...

Driving into Kitimat today I thought of a couple more facts about myself:
-I count floor or ceiling tiles when I am in a room! (bizarre)
-When I bathe I keep up with my francais by reading the back of the shampoo and conditioner bottles.
-I love words...letters...I love playing the game Text Twist.
-my nickname in high school was JuJube.
-I would love to bike through Tuscany.
-I cleaned Priscilla Presley's room in Whistler.
-once found a huge rock of a ring in Whistler. Took it to Lost and Found only to have it stolen. If it was unclaimed after 30 days it would have been mine. (would have, could have...should have!) -I can read really fast
-when I read a book I can only remember what happens in it for a day!(have reread many books and it's felt like I have read them for the first time!)
-I love to write essays.
-wish I could sound good when I sing!!!
-I do 10.15 kms on my elliptical trainer nearly everyday.
-I collect Boyds Bears.
-I have poor vision so I wear either contact lenses or glasses.
That's it for now.(thank goodness, right!!)

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