Sunday, February 19, 2006

Random Mamaliscious

In true Chunks style she has come up with a delightful idea for a blog that I have decided to adapt for myself. How could I come up with my own ideas for blogging?
Here are Random facts about myself: (can't do it the other way...way too organized):
-I was originally named Tina Louise for 2 weeks, then my dad renamed me.
-I live only 58 km from my hometown.
-I was born in Ontario.
-I am 5'5"
-I am way too fat for my liking!!! Need to lose 65 pounds!! (yikes!!!)
-wanted to be a ballerina. I can still stand on my toes and still tippy toe everywhere.
-I love the smell of lavendar, but hate the smell of vanilla.
-I still love Duran Duran, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Sinead O'Connor
-I love Nickleback, Greenday and Sheryl Crow
-I still cry to "Nothing Compares to U"
-I wear braces and have 5 months to go til they are removed!!
-I love perfume( you all knew that though!) Coco Chanel, Alfred Sung
-My favourite colour is blue.
-My second son was supposed to be named Liam.
-My favourite flower is the sunflower.
-I got married in barefeet.
-First kissed a boy when I was 11.
-I love to play golf and can snowboard.
-I watch General Hospital every day.
-I am afraid of getting wrinkles!!!
-would love to do Yoga, but I am intimidated!
-I have short, chubby fingers.
-my feet look like Fred Flintstones!!
-I like my nose
-wish my neck was longer!
-the first place I lose weight is in my hips!
-Currently I look like I am wearing an inner tube around my middle!! (UUgh!)
-I talk fast!!!
-my current favourite past time is meeting my good friend online and player poker.
-am addicted to coffee
-don't eat sugar
-never have had a speeding ticket
-don't like bad manners
-wanted to be a jet fighter pilot after watching Top Gun (Honest truth!)
-love musicals. I am always singing around the house.
-I have skinny dipped in the moonlight and the broad daylight!! (Years ago folks!)
-I am afraid of big dogs. My sister got mauled in the face by one!
-don't like facial hair of any kind. I pluck my eyebrows (and now chin hairs) every day!
-I think my husband is the sexiest man alive.
-I get drunk on 2 glasses of wine.
-It used to be 2 bottles of wine in the past.
-Scott wasn't my first
-I have been best friends with the same girl for 19.5 years!!!! We phone each other every morning to see "what we're up to!"
-I love reading
-I like to know what's happening with the celebrities (why??)
-I am happiest when surrounded by my kids and my husband.
-Favourite thing to do....jump into bed and watch a movie with Scott.
-I think I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I am happiest when the sun is shining!!
-I get the heeby jeebies from a dirty bathroom. I don't like my kitchen being dirty.
-I hate to dust!!! I own many dust bunnies!!! (saw one run across the room the other day!)
-say "hay" way too often!
-love old time country music
-....and Elvis!
-got fired from my first job in Rogers Pass!
-lasted 4 hours!!!
-streaked some Japanese that same day (by accident!)
-still don't know what I am going to be when I grow up!
-would love to run a marathon.
-I wouldn't want to be anywhere else than where I am right now!!!
Sorry this isn't too exciting!!!
Have a great day!


Chunks said...

I love these list things, you can totally learn so much about people!

I want to see a picture of your feet, I have Fred Flintstone feet too, we should compare!! (Although I do have a foot thing where freaky feet just gross me out!) I also love musicals which I never thought to mention until I read that you do.

Oh, and I have never had an original thought in my life, it is always my version of someone else's idea!! hahahah

Jenny said...

Yeah, I am not so original. It hurts to think sometimes! I need to get a pedicure before I take a pic of my feet. I agree with the whole "freaky foot" thing. I've never liked my feet...they are not freaky just fat!!! I want to do a list on my husband cuz he's really odd sometimes. I need his permission though!!!

Janelle said...

i can't believe you don't like Vanilla!!! and i love that you got married barefoot & i LOVE General Hospital too!!!!

the therapeutic writer said...

Question: Do I know this person you've been BF with for 19.5 years? I must. Who is it?

Comment: Nothing Compares to U is a total Whislter song. I have the CD and think of one of Whistler whenever I listen to it. We went through 3 cassettes in our place - they either wore out or got stolen regularly.

Jenny said...

Yeah that song reminds me of Whistler. Probably why I cry when I hear it!!
Shari Thomas...still Thomas she's not married (yet) but her and Doug Graham have a 6 month old baby.

the therapeutic writer said...

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! SHARI? No way! Tell her I said hi. I don't know who Doug is. But that doesn't matter -I want to see baby photos!!!!

Jenny said...

Shari and I became friends right before my 16th Birthday sometime. Can't remember how. There's some funny story.
She's been an awesome friend, stood up for me at my wedding and I will stand up for her. She's still the same loud, fun loving gal. I'll send you some pics of Kali and Shari.
It's funny cuz there's still tons of people in Kitimat that we went to school with. Occasionally I bump into someone, but not very often. Emma still lives in Kitimat. That's one person I'd love to reconnect with.
Anyhow I'll send those for you!!

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