Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Wife Left Me

My mom and dad as you know got a computer and it has been a bit of a task to set them up. If by chance they find this blog I must clarify that I love them dearly!! I am not poking fun at them, not really anyway.
10 minutes ago the phone rang...
"Hello!" I answered seeing it was my mom.
"Oh...we just got a really weird email!" my mom yelled.
"I thought we'd hear it from you first!"my dad yelled in the background.
"" I asked my patience wearing thin.
"It says my wife left me and it says it's from Scott and Jenny!" my mom stammered.
My dad was still mumbling in the background about "being the last to know!"
"And why is it forwarded to Shari Joy, Penny and DDF2? Who's DDF2? My mom asked out of concern.
I stopped to think for a moment....then it dawned on me...
"It's a joke! Scroll down to the bottom of the email!!!" I yelled. (realizing I sent them a joke email earlier on in the afternoon)
"What...oh(a big sigh of relief)...(pause)...buying makeup...that's a funny joke!" she laughed out of relief.
"Joke...oh...funny!" my dad said out of relief.
Now do my parents really think I would leave my husband and tell them through an email?!
Apparently so!
Have a good night!


Crystal said...

That is sounds like something my mother would say...LOL! gotta love them!

Jenny said...

I just can't believe that they would think I would leave Scott...and tell them through an email!! AAAAAGH!

Tanya said...

Ha Ha Ha, I can just hear it over the phone and can imagine what you were thinking. Parents...can't live with em, can't live without em.

Jenny said...

I know for sure I couldn't live with them...gotta get rid of the kitchen downstairs!!!

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