Saturday, February 18, 2006

18 and Life....

This has been a bit of an emotional weekend. I am not going into details with anything. A miscommunication caused a huge row with a friend. I was pretty upset, but I do believe things happen for a reason. I got to examine my life, and myself. I have never claimed I am perfect. I am flawed, as we all are. I just have to learn to let things go!
The boys have been busy with hockey. Seamus had a game last night and did awesome. I am so impressed with his skills. Jonas had a practise and did well. He seems to skate faster off the ice. Josey had his friend over this afternoon and all boys were hyped up with lightsaber battles and jedi moves.
Scott went snowboarding on Thursday. He thought he was 18 again. He did really well until the last run. He was boarding down the hill at a "smokin" pace when he caught an edge and did the biggest wipe out ever. He said he was lying in the snow with his equipment all over the hill and stars floating everywhere. A kid on the lift above him yelled down, "awesome wipe out dude!!" to which Scott just gave him the thumbs up. Someone riding down on a skidoo came and grabbed his equipment for him. He is pretty sore, and can't move his neck one way. He is lucky he didn't break anything.
It was a beautiful day today. I sat out on my deck and thought about life. I am grateful for having love in my life. I love my husband and my children with all my heart. I am thankful for the friendships I have. My biggest obstacle to overcome is the fact that I can't forget when something happens. I need to learn to just let it go.
Anyways my children are starving (or so they tell me!).
Enjoy your day!


Chunks said...

I can never let go of things either...hence my obsession with the 80s hahah! Seriously, I am the same way. When something ticks me off, even past the point of forgiveness, I am still dwelling on it. It's a character flaw I have.

Ouch about the wipeout! What is it that makes men think they are invincible? Crazy! Hopefully the worst of the agony is over.

Jenny said...

I have the same character flaw. I am trying to work on it.
I keep trying to tell Scott he's not 18! He is still pretty sore and has a very sore neck. Lucky though.

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