Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

I had to include the Marvin Gaye Video. It's a joke between Scott and I. Sometimes I'll crank up this song and lip synch it to him. I try and do the movements and it is quite funny (unfortunately!!)
Happy Valentines Day to all of my blogger pals! I hope you'll have a moment to spend time with the ones you love!
I am the luckiest woman. I am married to a gorgeous, funny and caring man and I have 3 beautiful sons. What more could a woman want?? (Didn't get the 5 carat ring!!!)
Enjoy your loves and have a great day!!
(My Voyage video was longer but Juss Drops cuts it off...you all missed the ending!!!!darn it eh?!) On our wedding day Scott wrote out the words of the song and gave it to me with a bouquet of flowers. I just love the song!


Chunks said...

Who sings the Voyage? What a gorgeous song!! I love these little videos that you make! What program do you use and is it easy to do? Oh lord, the blogging I could do with video...hahahah!

A Girl Running said...

LOL I love it! Happy (belated) Valentines to you too.

My pc is about to be switched off for up to a month while I move interstate. All the best for the next few weeks or more and looking forward to catching up on all your gossip in March

Jenny said...

Chunks: I use the Photostory 3 program. It's so easy and I use Juss Drop to host it. I'd like to get a different hoster cause it cuts off half the photostory, but oh well easier than nothing. Christy Moore sings the song "Voyage". He's an Irish folk singer. I love that song so much!
A Girl Running: Have fun with the move. Can't wait to hear about it!! Good luck!!!

Crystal said...

Happy Valentine's Day Jenny!

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