Monday, February 20, 2006

Bragging Rights!

The phone just rang 5 minutes ago.
"Hello!" I answered recognizing the number, but not knowing who it was.
"Hey babe,(immediately I realized it was our cell phone number!)"said Scott cheerfully, "what are you doing?"
"Nothing really. Emailing some pictures off....why?" I asked skeptically. Scott had just left 10 minutes earlier to work.
"I'm just phoning to tell you how much I love you! And I'm thinking about you at this moment!" he said.
"Did you crash the van?" I asked nervously.
"Nope...honest...just phoning to tell you that. You need to hear that when you don't expect it babe!" he answered.
I almost cried..."You just made my week hun!" I answered.
It really is the simple things in life that matter. My life is imperfect and flawed, but it really all boils down to these moments!(and more often than not I question how I ended up with a gem like him!)
Enjoy your day!


Chunks said...

Okay now I am jealous!

Did you crash the van? I would have said "Babe are you high?" hahahah!

I've been singing "Let's Get It On" all day, and now that I am back at your blog, I remember why.

Jenny said...

That song is starting to drive me over the edge. It might be getting deleted in the next day or so!!
Yeah scary my first instinct is "didya crash the van?".
I have just had a hard few days and I know how great my husband and I are together. Sometimes I doubt myself, but whenever I do, Scott always surprises me when I least expect it.
Don't be too jealous...he's been drinking greens and MAN oh MAN he's stinky!!!!! I swear he can stick his ass in the gas tank and fuel up the van!!! (he'd be so mad I shared that with everyone!!)
He just knows when I need to hear those things from him.
Another factoid about him: loves the Trailer Park Boys??
He's got his good moments and bad moments. Today they were mostly stinky!!
I'm shutting this computer off for the night. I need to accomplish something.

Tanya said...

Yours has been stinky too eh?

Jenny said...

Stinky doesn't describe my husband. I needed a gas mask to enter the bedroom this afternoon!! A big haze of...bad air!!
Anyhow I have to get on the elliptical and have zero motivation! Ate a big bag of chips today!!! AAAAAAH!

Tanya said...

Jason came in the door from work and I said, "did you honestly have to do that the minute you walked in the door?" And he says, "i didn't, it followed my in from the car!" PPPEEEEEUUUUUWWWWW!!!

I need to walk my dog, I have no motivation as well, but those puppy dog eyes....

Crystal said...

awww.......isn't it like a man to get mushy when they have bad gas..LOL....definately something my hubby does too!

Camille said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww that's sooo sweet!! i love how in love you are with your husband after like 15 years together. that warms my heart, Jenny!

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