Saturday, January 21, 2006

What's In Your Fridge?

I stole this from A Girl's what's in my fridge! (I have an ugly older fridge and the drawers don't fit properly. I am saving up for a fancy stainless steel fridge!)
Here's what's on my fridge...note the hockey player and ballerina fridge magnets! That's Scott's head in the hockey player and my head in the ballerina. I wanted to be a ballerina when I was little! My body type certainly doesn't fit the image of a ballerina!! I can stand on my toes though!
That's all folks! My little guy is needing some loving! "Please Mommy yet me sit on your yap!" I gotta go!
So the question is: What's in your fridge?
Good Night,


Chunks said...

Your fridge looks like my fridge, although yours seems more organized. The side of my fridge looks like the NASA control center, it has so much information stuck to it!!

I hate cleaning fridges, I'd rather clean twenty pubic-hair-covered toilets!! I'm crazy that way.

jon said...

Admit it! You cleaned and organized that fridge before you took the picture. Wheres the tupperware containing the unidentified furry substance?

Jenny said...

When I get groceries I try and go through and dispose of those tupperware containers, before Scott decides to eat one for lunch! Actually I'm de-molding my fridge tonite! Oh joy, the exciting life of a housewife!

Jenny said...

The operative word is "try"! tonite I discovered what used to be a caesar salad! Gross...

Tanya said...

Looks like you just went grocery shopping and your fridge is nice and full of goodies. Too bad it never stays that way. How'd the mildew removal go?

Jenny said...

I am pleased to report that my fridge is no longer the host for mildew! (for now anyways).
I used the "Clorox Bleach Pen". Amazing product!!
Hey, we all should blog on our favourite household products!
Anyhow I have to get the boys and Vote!!! (NDP BTW)

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