Friday, January 20, 2006

One Year Blogversary

Yesterday was my one year Blogversary! Time has passed quickly. Have I changed much in my life in a year? No...has my writing reflected my personal growth(if any)? Not at all.
Anyways, we are back safe and sound from the Nickleback concert. The 4 of us old folks showed the young'uns how to rock the house down!! It was awesome! I felt a little rough Wednesday though, but it was worth it! I will post about it tomorrow.(There are a couple of funny stories!) I am feeling in a reflective mood so I will leave you with my first post! Here it is (Thanks Hick for this idea!)....
Road Advisory January, 19, 2005
First of all, I am experimenting with the idea of online posting. I thought it may be easier ( and fun) to create this blog. Basically it will be easier to write my thoughts of the exciting things that happen during our days to share with our friends and family who we communicate with via email and telephone.
Yesterday my stomach was in knots all day! Literally and figuratively! (I am recovering from a terrible stomach flu, that somehow has escaped Scott. India did wonders for his gut!!) The roads were closed due to terrible driving conditions. Scott said that on his way to work he picked up one guy that had completely ditched his brand new truck!(yikes!!) He was okay, but in shock a little! Scott couldn't believe the horrible conditions, and the amount of vehicles in the ditch. Midday I was notified of the roads being closed. I felt a sense of relief over Scott staying overnight in Kitimat.
That afternoon I received a phone call from a friend advising me that the school buses were not running. Dad(not the best driver at times and recovering from Cataract surgery=Scary situation!) and I went down to get Seamus from school, and let me tell you in one word the feeling in the school "CHAOS!" Children were crying, parents running around...At first I thought that something more than bad roads was the cause of this pandemonium, but I quickly realised why there was such fear in the school.As I walked into Shay's classroom his teacher came running up the hall, panic stricken proclaiming "there are 6 vehicles in the ditch by the dump and I just heard (gasp!!) SIRENS!!!" At which point 2 little girls started to sob!I got Seamus and his friend Sidney (there's a story to that but I won't bore you with the details) quickly out of the school. Once we were out and the atmosphere was relaxed the kids felt a lot better!(I am not sure how our school would react with real tragedy, although I am glad that we haven't had to face any!)
Scott decided to drive home(he didn't want to go to work hungover?If he was in Kitimat with his buddies "surely he had to go get wasted??) and made it home safe and sound! Which brings us to today! The boys are at home from school. The buses aren't running, and there is a travel advisory! AAH! I need to get milk, but I guess we will live with iced tea, apple juice and diet pepsi!
The boys are doing well!Getting over this nasty flu bug, but all in good spirits. Gavin is obsessed with "the lion King". I told Scott last nite that I felt like throwing it out the window "Hakuna Matatta my a@#$!".
I do have some rather sad news...Gavin got all his goldilocks chopped off. It was rather traumatic for me. I have kept the hair in in ziploc container, and today I will dispose of it. I thought it was time...(weep, weep). My dad will be thrilled. He is from the old school where boys shouldn't have long hair. I guess it didn't help that the last two times he came over Gavin had clips in his hair!(He wanted to have them like Mommy!)Anyways he is all boy now!
Anyhow nothing is new or exciting besides the weather! I can't wait til Scott is safe and sound at home tonite...Take care and I will update shortly
FYI: I still haven't disposed of the hair in the ziploc container!! I found it on the fridge when we were moving and I just stuffed it into another box!!! I would hate it if the show "Neat" would come into my house. We have all sorts of goodies packed away! (hair, teeth...)

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