Monday, January 16, 2006

Road Trip

I am done 1.5 pounds today,so the grand 2 week total is 9.5 pounds!! It has been 2 weeks officially without sugar or bread. The first few days were rough, but lately I don't even think about it. The workouts are going strong. I bought a ball and have been using it for the abs. At first I thought that I would pop it if I laid on it, but they are really strong! I have to do my elliptical trainer today, plus squats and upper body. We are going away for 2 days tomorrow so I will miss 2 days of working out! I am packing some healthy snacks and taking our greens. I just hope I don't cave and eat crappy!! I have taken in account that I will consume some wine, but hey, I am not giving that up!
We are going with our good friends to the Nickleback concert in Prince George. We went 2 years ago with the same couple. It was fun!! It will be nice to get away without the boys. We aren't planning on doing any shopping except for stopping at Costco on the way back. Nevertheless, it'll be a nice getaway.
Next month Scott and I are going away for 3 days to Smithers for a snowboarding getaway. I am going to be working out like mad this month, because I don't want to look like the "Abdominal Snowlady" (instead of the abominal snowman). So this weekend getaway is going to give me some drive and motivation! I will probably lounge ski more than anything!
Anyways I will let you know how us middle age rockers made out on our roadtrip!! Take care!

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Chunks said...

Have a great trip!! There is nothing better than seeing a live show...nothing!

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