Sunday, January 22, 2006

Try Mrs. Clean Hunny!

First of all I don't want to come across as bitter or angry. I know I will, so I am not sure why I am apologizing.
My family annoys me! Well I guess the kids don't actually annoy husband sure does! On our road trip we had a lengthy conversation with our friends on how Scott was a "neat" freak. I nodded and agreed to the whole conversation. However; after a weekend spent cleaning, scrubbing, washing, sorting and organizing I have come to the conclusion that Scott is TIDY but not a neat freak! Sure he does a good job on hiding the papers and clutter, but I don't think he has ever scrubbed anything in his life. Do I sound bitter? Not really, but I get tired of hearing how neat he really is. "Show me the money honey!!" The kicker for me was the other day when my parents stopped over and my mom piped up, "Oh Scott must be home, the house sure is clean!" I think he is a "neat freak wannabe".
Anyways I won't dwell on this subject too long! I've already bitched to my girlfriends today about this subject. I am happy that my house is neat and organized. It leaves me with tomorrow having the whole day to do what I want. I need to work out desperately!! I gained .5 of a pound. Pretty good considering I haven't worked out and took in alot of wasted calories this week! Oh well, I am back on track tomorrow.
The concert was amazing. I can't believe how old we felt. (and this made for an amazing concert!) There were some kids in the beer gardens that didn't look a day over...19! Seriously though some kids looked young. It didn't stop us from having a good time. We had floor tickets so we found a corner on the floor where we could have some space and dance. We ended up getting seperated from our friends, but Scott and I rocked out hard. I befriended the lady next to us. She had gone to the concert with her daughter and her boyfriend and was rocking up a storm! At one point we were groovin' and chanting, "Skinny White Boy!" I looked over and Scott was chanting the same thing. He realized what he was saying and we couldn't stop laughing! A young girl (about 18) in front of us became my dance partner! It was fun.
After the concert I tried to hitchhike a ride in a limo and embarassed my poor, semi-sober husband. I also managed to fall knee deep into a puddle in front of the tour buses. (I befriended a dog that turned out to belong to Chad Kroeger!) I didn't think Nickleback were in the buses, but after we got to the van they started up and drove off. I bet they must have thought "look at that nutball!" (I was singing "Photograph!")
The next day I wasn't feeling very well. I don't drink (or get out) often, so my body wasn't feeling very well. We did some shopping and went to the casino where I put in $20 and won $127.50. I said to my husband, "well we've managed to take up all the vices this weekend!" It was fun!
Back to real life though! Gavin has been a nightmare. Today Jonas came running upstairs crying. "Gavin hit me!" he cried. We were comforting him and trying to figure out a game plan for the little tyrant. After a few moments Gavin came walking upstairs saying, "I dinnint! I dinnint! I dinnint hit Jonas!"
Scott immediately jumped in to reason with his 2.5 year old, "We didn't even ask you anything! I think you did!"
"I dinnint!" he replied.
"Gavin...tell the truth!" said Scott.
"I did!"he replied.
Well he can be sort of honest I suppose.
He is going through the potty stage. Not sitting on the potty,but talking about poopin', peein' and farting. It is absolutely disgusting and embarassing. I know that some people have to think that this is a reflection of his parents but I have to say that "In no way shape or form" is this behaviour from me. He gets it from his dad. (not really!) Well that's what I tell people anyways! I can't wait until he outgrows this stage!
The boys are doing well. Seamus and Jonas had a busy weekend. Both had hockey. Seamus had 2 games and one practise, 2 birthday parties and one play date with his friend. Jonas had 1 game and 1 practise. He was supposed to have his friend over, but he lost his friend's phone number.
"What's his last name?" I asked.
"Umm...I think it's East?" he answered.
"Okay.." I began.
"No maybe West? Nor-something?" he interrupted.
"We'll have to rearrange something when you get his phone number!" I answered.
So my weekend was spent cleaning, organizing, driving my kids around and being a hockey mom. Just another day in the life of Jenny!
Anyhow I better go to bed!
Here's my thought for the night:
"Save your tears and laughter because this is the ride and this is the show..."-INXS: Pretty Vegas
I guess that somes up my life!
Enjoy your day!

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Camille said...

Jenny thank you for your lovely words of inspiration regarding kids and relationships and stuff. Very interesting - listening to everyone's perspective.
i hear ya on the paranoid hubby! Mine isn't a neat freak (or wishes it on his poor wife!) but he is paranoid of identity theft and being in public and stuff. It sounds like a weird issue to have - but it's quite annoying, especially for a loud outgoing impetuous person like myself! i so hear ya...............

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