Thursday, November 24, 2005

No Sleeping Beauty

The pink has gone from my colour palette. Oh my, what is a girl to do??
All is well on the homefront. Tonight we celebrated Josey's 6th birthday with dinner at "Pizza Hut". It was fun. Jonas is having his friends come over on Sunday. I invited 8 kids and I hope we get a few of them at least. He is excited. He got the new "Narnia" video game, 4 Star Wars guys, a LOTR character and another video game. He was excited. When he opened his present from his Gramma 'zicky, he said, "Gram always picks out the best presents. Where does she get these Star Wars guys from?" Pretty impressive for an 80 year old gramma!

We have had a good visit with Oma and Peter. Peter got lost accomplished and we are very grateful for all the hard work he put into our house!

There are only 2 hockey outings this weekend (thank goodness!!). Josey has a practise on Friday and Shay has a game in Kitimat on Saturday. I'll get to see my sweetie pie Kali on Saturday. She is growing like a weed. It really is sad how fast children grow up!!!

I have begun my Christmas shopping!! I always end up buying way too much!! Every year I say to myself that I won't buy so much, but every year I still do. My boys don't really need or want too much. They are always stoked with getting their Star Wars guys and LOTR characters (as is their daddy!) Pretty standard issue stuff in this household! I do love the holiday season.

I need to start my detox again. It seems I do a week on, week off, week on, week off...I'll keep trying. I know that sugar, bread, pasta are my weakness. Although I think it is food that is my weakness!! I sprained my ankle last weekend in the parking lot of the arena so I haven't been able to use my elliptical. The swelling has gone down, but it is still is quite swollen. I need to start walking again. We would like to go to Mexico in February and I vowed I'd lose some weight before the trip. I probably will lose a couple of pounds. (Probably the week before the trip!) I can't get too worked up over it though.

The boys are all doing well. They are sad that their grandparents are leaving back to S'Toon. We are not sure when we will go down to Jaffray next. This summer will be the first year in 8 years that we are not vacationing in the East Kootenays. It will be a shock for the family!!!

Anyways I have some good pics of the moving day that I will transfer over in the next day or so. I will keep this post short and to the point. I am pooped and I need to get some rest. (I can't call it beauty rest cause I'd have to sleep for a long time like Sleeping Beauty to get beauty outta my sleep!)
"There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep."-Homer.
At this moment I choose sleep!
Good night!
On a side note: Has anyone tried "Google Earth". I downloaded it last night and I got some cool satellite shots of my actual house! It was awesome. You should give it a try. Everyone probably has. I am usually the last one on board with these things.


the therapeutic writer said...

I love when I happen upon a new blog...and know the author!!!

I'll be back!

~ Trudi

Crystal said...

Hey there
I know what you mean about the bread and pasta and sugar being a problem. I have found however the more I worry about it and think about it the more I want it. So try to give yourself just a chance to balance things and let yourself be happy where you are right now, not necessarily about the weight but just be happy about being you.
I know that has helped me allot...
Let your inner beauty shine through... the outer beauty is a matter of perspective!

Beanie said...

Hello Jenny! Thank you for saying hello on my blog today. Thought I'd see what you're up to, as well. Love your journal...sounds as though you have your arms full with the boys...and that you love it! Enjoy your day.

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