Monday, November 21, 2005

I'm Back...

I'm back online. Thank goodness!!! I don't know how I lived without internet before, but the last 21 days without it has been painful. (does that say anything about my life??)
The move was stressful, but we managed (duh?!) Scott and I moved everything ourselves except for the sofa, 3 dressers the armoire, 4 bookshelves, the kitchen table, the snowblower, barbeque and 5 bins of books. The movers moved these items for us. That may seem like a lot, but trust me we have a lot of stuff!!!!
All is well on the homefront. I have finally picked out a colour for our living room. It is really nice and serene. Scott is going to tape everything off tomorrow.
The house is beautiful and I still cannot believe this is our home. There is 2562 sq. feet of living space. So it is really comfortable for our family. I took some pics and I will post them tomorrow afternoon. This is only a short post! I have missed reading my blogs and I have missed my blogger buddies!
Hope all is well!


Crystal said...

Hey there
I have missed your post's too....I was going to harass Tanya to bug you to get back online.........but now there is no need since you are back online today, it's definately an addiction for me. I am so glad your moved and getting settled I look forward to seeing the pic's

A Girl Running said...

congratulations on your new jome Jenny, looking forward to seeing photos

Janelle said...

i want that big of a house!!! maybe i have to have more kids & then my husband will buy me one! haha. glad you are back, you've been missed - i thought your new house had eaten you! can't wait to see pics!

scribble said...

Happy Thanksgiving !
Enjoy your new home !!

Tanya said...

Hey you!!

Glad to see your back, I'm back too...Finally!! Darn Telus! Looking forward to seeing the new colors in your house. Talk to you soon!

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