Monday, October 17, 2005

Stucka part 3

I was packing yesterday afternoon (oh my what a surprise) when I heard these 3 words coming from upstairs:
"Uh Oh mommy!" from the voice of my two year old. Didn't sound too promising!
Quickly these words were followed by: "mommy help me. Help...I STUCKA!"
From previous experiences I do not like to hear these words. I ran upstairs and into his brothers' bedroom and there sat Gavin in the dresser drawer. His butt was hanging over and he was holding on for dear life to the dresser. The only scary thing is that the aquarium sits on top of the dresser so if he would have knocked it over....SCARY!!!! I swear this child will be the death of me (an exaggeration!!!) He was crying and scared. I tried to explain the dangers of climbing into dresser drawers, I can only hope he understood.
Anyways this will be a short post. Gavin had walked by me as I was typing this post and said,"Mommy catch fish...catch sharks". I just nodded, but a delayed reaction has allowed me to realize he was carrying a fly swatter which only means....AAAAH TROUBLE...
Enjoy your day!

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