Sunday, October 16, 2005

Good Ol' Hockey Game

I watched Jonas today at his hockey game and thought about how much fun commentators would have with these little guys.
We have Damstrom on the defense he appears to be making a move toward the puck. He stumbles, gets up. He is...moving on past the puck...oh wait, he's turned himself around and he's going back towards the puck...oh wait, the play is going past it looks like they are going to shoot, oh great comes Damstrom, the team has made it's way down the other side of the arena, Damstrom has realized he needs to make his way down the rink, he's making his way down the ice, oh the play is moving past him...he spins himself round, not once, but twice...he's on the move, down the wrong side of the arena. Oh wait, what is he doing? He's waving at the spectators, they're cheering, not at him, but at the goal that has been scored on his net. Damstrom is still waving...he's still waving, the coach has come to tell him to switch off...
It is adorable to watch him play. I get a kick out of it. Jonas is trying hard. At his practise the other night the coaches had the players split into 3 groups. Each group had a ball and their objective was to get the ball and score. Jonas started off okay. Within a couple of minutes he had joined the other team and followed that ball. After 30 seconds of play he rejoined his team and followed the ball, until another ball had caught his attention. Scott and I were laughing so hard. Scott kept saying, "Oh look they've picked up Jonas the extra player for everyone!!" It was priceless.
Next week Jonas has his first real game against Kitimat! We are excited. The only thing that sucks is that we need to be on the ice for 8 am!! An early morning that will be.
Seamus is enjoying hockey as well. He is doing awesome and we are proud of how well he is progressing. The coach has said that he cannot believe how hard he tries! Not at all like his mommy!
I have been busy packing so there is nothing much new to report. I cannot wait until we are moved into the house!!! Then comes the painting, and unpacking. Will it ever end???
Anyways just a short post.
Enjoy your day!


Tanya said...

You don't try to do your best when you're playing hockey? Besides, I didn't know that you even played!! LOL

Tanya said...

I'm glad you "get it". I didn't say it yesterday, but thanks for treating me last night. Someday, when this teacher's strike is over I'll do the same for you. By the way, my wrist is alright, just a bit tender and a bit swollen on the top side.

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