Monday, October 17, 2005

Photo Op

I was just experimenting this morning with some photos. The above photo I've titled "Lazy Days". My cat's enjoying a moment on the bookshelf. All the photos I've used a filter to. I just love the look and will print some out to frame for the new house. The photo below is of our tree in the front yard on a warm sunny fall day. The feet are of my boys Josey and Gavin. Shay's feet were too big for the photo. Finally the last photo is of some flowers on our trip to Jaffray last summer....Don't you love pictures? Hope you enjoy these...I really must get some work done around here!!~Jenny


Galvanize chaos said...

Cool photos! i like what you've done to the bottom three. i wish i could be so artistic :)

Crystal said...

Those pictures are great.......nice job!

Hick said...

I love to use filters. Yours are very nice.

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